Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bishop Nympton proofreading

A slow progress through the parish registers for Bishops Nympton as I am now into proofreading. I have completed the marriages up to 1581. I expect this will take me at least all of January.

No new work on genealogy as my time is consumed by other needed items at the moment. Hard to believe it is already January 2012 and it will be a year in early May since Ed had his first fall. This created a tremendous change in my life as I have now become the driver of the car. I like driving and gradually I am getting back into the swing of it. I used to drive quite a bit but after going back to work first at the Medical School and then at the Ottawa Hospital I stopped driving to work and took the bus.

I still have my calendar notices coming up every day to look at specific family lines but I rather think that I will be passing on the sequence once again when the names begin again mid January. I rather think it will be March or April before I get back to that process once again.

My mind is busy with thoughts at the moment and I am also busy knitting once again. Another of my great loves is knitting and I used to knit all of my daughters' sweaters and often knitted skirt and sweater sets when they were small. I also have some sewing to do and will get to that this week I rather think.

Ed is much improved after his second fall and visit to emergency. We are waiting now for a referral to a heart specialist once again. There is still the MRI to do and more appointments with the neurologist.

My eldest daughter and I are busy using the Wii every day. We received Wii Fit Plus for Christmas along with a couple of sports discs. It has been great fun doing archery, golfing, bowling and other sports. Although it is all electronic it still gets you up and moving. I especially like the Wii Fit and spend an hour a day on strength training and yoga plus aerobics (mostly running). In the summer there is always the gardening but in the winter I have to bundle up to go out and ski or snowshoe and I actually prefer not to go out and freeze although my eldest daughter and I had a good session of skiing the other day! She even has a disc for skiing which is rather fun!

An interesting query on Genes Reunited I have still to reply to. It is on the Elworthy family and is only a collateral line to mine. Since I do not have much on my tree for this family, I need to write an answer and must do that one of these days.

A couple of years ago the person who does the Elworthy family wrote to me to say that Elizabeth Pincombe (sister to my 2x great grandfather John Pincombe) and Richard Elworthy were not really married. It took a couple of emails and some research on my part to show that he had incorrectly married off Richard Elworthy (husband of Elizabeth Pincombe) to another person prior to their marriage. However, this other individual had married a Richard Elworthy but it was a different line (cousin actually though). I thought I had totally convinced him but a year or so later he sent out the same tree (without the corrections) to another Elworthy descendant so I had to go through the process once again. Since it isn't my direct line I am not sure I want to get involved once again with this line!

However, a short answer might be sufficient and then the person can begin to look elsewhere since I am not going to do anymore than I have already done on this family.

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