Friday, January 20, 2012

Pincombe and Blake

The last few days have produced a flurry of activity in my two main one name studies - Blake and Pincombe. I received emails from two descendants of each of these families that have provoked more thought on their lines.

In the case of the Pincombe family, the email request is from Australia and I am still learning about the Pincombe family now located in Australia. My 2x great grandfather's brother George went to Australia and died there. He did not have any children whilst living there though so I would be going back one more generation to find anyone in Australia related to me (5th cousin or greater likely). The person in question was a William Pincombe who married Emma White at the parish church of St Pancras in 1852. Fortunately I do have that marriage and know that his father was George Pincombe (deceased in 1852) and Giles White was the father of Emma also deceased in 1852. There was a substantial Pincombe/Pinkham family in Middlesex in this time period that was descendant of Arthur Pincombe who had migrated to Middlesex in the 1700s. It will be this family that I will investigate initially as the family lore says that William was born in Middlesex but there is also some controversy which may have him born in Devon. Since the records in Australia (thus far) indicate Middlesex my effort will be directed towards the family that is known to me in Middlesex and descendant of Arthur Pincombe who was christened 26 Dec 1761 at Robourough by Torrington and buried 19 Apr 1823 at St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London. Arthur married twice, first Elizabeth Milton 13 Oct 1784 at St James Westminster, London  and second Ann Smale. From his second marriage, there was a son George Pincombe baptized 29 Aug 1802 at St Mary Whitechapel. I will first either eliminate or prove that this is the George for whom we are looking.

In the case of the Blake family, I have been corresponding with a descendant of the Charles Blake family living in the United States. Probably I have received more requests about this particular Blake line than any other from individuals who live all over the world including never having left England. Charles Blake appears in the Abbots Ann, Hampshire, England records that are available on the FamilySearch site first with his marriage to Mary Prince 4 Sep 1736. Mary was the daughter of James Prince and Ruth Burger. Charles was buried 28 Oct 1783 at Abbots Ann. They had only one child recorded in FamilySearch and I am still in the process of transcribing Abbots Ann so have not found any more either. Their son Charles was baptized 24 Jun 1737 at Abbots Ann and buried there 31 Oct 1800. Charles married twice.

His first wife was Jane Gilbert (baptized 3 Oct 1740 at Abbots Ann) and Jane was also descended from the Blake family through her father John Gilbert. John Gilbert was the son of John Gilbert and Sarah Kidgell with Sarah being baptized 28 Mar 1690 at Abbots Ann (married to John 3 Feb 1707 at Abbots Ann). Sarah's father was Richard Kidgell baptized 24 Sep 1661 and Richard's father was John Kidgell. John's father's name was Kidgell and his mother was Elizabeth Blake. This Elizabeth Blake was the daughter of unknown Blake married to Elizabeth Hinxman (baptized 17 Jul 1593 at Andover). My suspicion is that the unknown Blake was the son of Thomas Blake (brother to my Richard Blake). The brother of Elizabeth Blake was a merchant at Oxford according to his mother's will of 1688.

The second wife of Charles was Hannah Powell and they were married 17 Aug 1779 at Abbots Ann. From the two marriages there were nine sons in total who lived to adulthood. I have corresponded with descendants of a number of these sons but not all of them.

A will left by John Blake malster at Abbots Ann is full of genealogical information and can be found on my website. Both my ancestor Thomas Blake at Upper Clatford and Charles Blake are mentioned in the will with considerably more attention (and bequests) being paid to the descendants of Charles Blake making me think that there is more of a blood connection to John. I do know the connection to John for my Thomas as he was his uncle. The mother of Thomas was Joanna King and it was her sister Mary King that married John Blake malster at Abbots Ann. Whether or not I am also related to John Blake on the Blake side is unknown to me at this time.

I then extracted the Poor Law Records for Abbots Ann to find the Blake family there and indeed there was a Robert Blake there as early as 1727 when he was Churchwarden and paying the poor rate. The lands on which he paid this tax ended up being later assessed to Charles and John Blake leading me to suspect that Charles and John were sons of Robert Blake. Perhaps aiding with matching up families is the entry of 1812 where Ann Blake (sister to my Thomas) is paying the poor rate as per the terms of John's will where Ann was to remain on the property with various codicils pertaining to that.

There was a Robert Blake married to Elizabeth Russell 15 Jul 1694 at Andover where they baptized:

Blake Sarah       daughter       Blake Robert Elizabeth 1696 March 10
Blake Joannah   daughter       Blake Robert Elizabeth 1700 February 12
Blake Mary        daughter       Blake Robert Elizabeth 1702 December 21
Blake Edward     son               Blake Robert Elizabeth 1711 August 12
Blake Thomas     son               Blake Robert Elizabeth 1714 July 2
Blake Jane          daughter        Blake Robert Elizabeth 1717 July 22

There is the rather large gap between 1702 and 1711 where the birth of Charles could have occurred but where is the question. Edward does appear on this list and he is also in the tax list at Abbots Ann living on Coles which was formerly held by Robert Blake. I did find a John Blake baptized to Robert 22 Feb 1714 at Penton Mewsey (he was born 14 Feb 1714) but the priest has not given the mother's name unfortunately. This does appear to be rather close to the baptism of Thomas on July 2 but February would follow July as this is old calendar  but it is still only seven months later. However, it is a possibility. But still no Charles baptism found yet. The Abbots Ann parish registers are still in the process and the period that I am most interested in is very faint and poorly organized unfortunately. Plus I am only up to 1613 in the register thus far.

The ongoing debate for me is which to put first. I would like to complete my proofreading of Bishops Nympton and have those records online to reduce the number of requests for this information but I am also quite dedicated to the idea of transcribing Abbots Ann which is just one set of registers for the Andover Registration District that I am working on.

I must admit that I tend to always mention yDNA testing to people these days because I do believe that is the only way to sort these families in both of my one name studies.

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