Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Probably I will be for the most part taking somewhat of an hiatus from blogging and even genealogy. My husband has been struggling with ill health for the past year and my duties at home substantially have increased including driving 100% of the time. This somewhat decreases my time to spend on genealogy.

The good news is that a cause has been established for my husband's illness which is tertiary heart block and bradychardia. The solution is a pacemaker which has now been inserted. I anticipate that there is a learning curve to this particular device and that my time will be spent assisting him in that regard.

Hence I do not anticipate myself spending much time over the next couple of months on genealogy. I want to continue with the Blake Newsletter and I am writing the issue in my head as the days pass. The next issue should be around the beginning of April and will try for beginning of July and beginning of October. Any items on Blake that you would like to be part of the Newsletter please send on to me at kippeeb@rogers.com.

I will continue with my transcriptions as time permits but it will be at a reduced fashion.

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