Friday, February 3, 2012

Marriage Challenges at the Guild of one name Studies

Several marriage challenges have been completed and I now have at least 200 marriages to enter into my database for Blake. That will be several days of entering and I will begin that next week.

In the meantime I am still considering possible displays for the new Blake webpage. It will be accessed from the main page of our domain index page. I also want to create a Wiki but have now decided that it will be a Wiki for our domain so that my husband and I can both make use of it. That way if anyone picks up this family's genealogy in the future it will all be in one spot. We are diversified in that my husband has nine to ten generations of American/Canadian history going back to the 1620s and 1630s in colonial America. He also has more recent German ancestry (one set of his great grandparents were born in Germany and came to Canada as adults) and more recent English ancestry (one set of his 2x great grandparents came from Aylmerton Norfolk in the early 1830s to East Gwillimbury, Ontario, Canada with their family). My own lines are all English with just one Canadian line - myself, my mother, her father and his mother being my Canadian born ancestors). All the remainder of whom I have knowledge thus far were born in England, most lived in England all of their days and most died in England with my Routledge, Gray, Pincombe, Buller and Blake emigrants being the exception (they all died in Canada and some were married here). But, uniquely, each Canadian born ancestor married a new British emigrant thus creating my somewhat unusual tree. I have been able to research all my lines because I knew each and every emigration story (i.e. place of departure and place of birth for all emigrants).

How to display these two family sets in a meaningful way - my husband's and my own. My husband has extensive webpages already for his family lines. I have a little up there mostly just one page and relationship charts for each surname but I am moving away from looking at all my family lines with the same deep research. I want to devote my time to Blake and Pincombe for the most part but still continue, as leads arise, to collect information on all of my family lines.

The other new family line that I am investigating is our son-in-law's French Canadian family. I have researched his line in great depth now and would also like to display some of that line (trees are private on ancestry for his four grand parents) especially sections that evade me still because of the pioneering nature of the family they preceded the record keeping often enough. A fascinating baptism took place in Montebello where the parents traveled from just south of Plantagenet in February to Montebello to baptize their baby daughter. French Canadian families were in the forefront of settlement all through the Ottawa Valley and points north.

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