Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Henry Christopher Buller

A timely release by Find my past of the Church Records in Westminster (London, UK) has finally provided details on the first marriage of Henry Christopher Buller (my 2x great grandfather). He married Sophia Scrooby 18 Dec 1831 at St Mary Church, St Marylebone, London (Sophia was the daughter of George Scrooby and Mary Bullock and they were married 24 Jun 1798 at Saint Luke, Chelsea, London and I have found three daughters thus far Mary Ann baptized 15 Mar 1807 at St Mary Church, St Marylebone and married to Thomas Parker Steedman 5 Apr 1829 at St Marylebone (five children: Elizabeth, Sophia, James, Thomas Cornelius and Mary Ann) , Sophia baptized 24 Feb 1811 also at St Mary Church and she was buried 30 Jun 1836 at St James Westminster having died on Lambeth Walk, and Eliza baptized 16 Aug 1812 at St Mary Church (no further details but will now check the newest records).

Henry and Sophia had two children: Mary Ann baptized 15 Oct 1832 at Saint George Bloomsbury and I now know that she was buried 30 Jun 1836 at Saint James Westminster (presumably mother and daughter succumbed to the same illness) and George Scrooby baptized 1 Jun 1834 at Saint George Bloomsbury and he was buried at Whitefield Memorial Church 9 Nov 1834. I have discovered this church was near to where Henry had his butcher shop on Lamb Conduit Way. Perhaps he moved the family to Lambeth Walk away from the main city of London after George's death in 1834 only to lose them anyway from another illness. Sad really.

Henry Christopher Buller married Anne Welch (my 2x great grandparents) and on the marriage license it was noted that he was a widower. A long time in solving but I have now put together his first marriage and all the deaths prior to his second marriage 23 Aug 1838 at Edgbaston, Warwickshire. Sophia was only 26 when she was buried. Anne was only 17 years 6 months when she married Henry and they went on to have 11 children before his death in 1862 at the age of 57 years. I am slowly discovering details on this family as they seem so like modern families - they lived in London and Birmingham having butcher shops in both. I suspect there is quite a story to tell although it is difficult to piece it together from so far away. One day I would like to visit the Birmingham Library and see what kind of interesting details I can find for this couple.

It was nice to have Find My Past help me to put together Henry's families.

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