Thursday, April 26, 2012


We have been looking after our daughter and son in law's bunnies for the last year but I am finding that I can not keep up with them and everything else so they have found someone interested in adopting both of them. One is a dwarf and the other is a lion head and they are bonded. The two bunnies take care of each other all day long but we have had to confine them to their rather large fenced in area because that would be too much work to let them run free like our old bunny who passed away in 2007. Peter had the run of the house and Oscar and Vincent used to have an entire room to themselves in their old house. They are good little bunnies and it will be nice to see them have more time spent with them. The woman coming to pick them up has a young university aged daughter who just lost her bunny so they will fill someone else's heart. Not being a "pet" person I will probably not miss them (they have been a lot of work!) but I suspect the rest will miss them.

Mind you I am very fond of our children's dogs. Dogs are somewhat more able to take care of themselves and generally have free run of the house!

I also realize since I was ill earlier that I may just be somewhat allergic to furry little animals as I become quite stuffed up every time that I look after them. I hadn't noticed it before being ill particularly as I have a dust allergy which I try to keep under control by cleaning often! However, as one ages the ability to rip a room apart and clean it thoroughly becomes somewhat limited. I compromise by ensuring that my work area is fairly free of dust so that I have at least that area to work in and be somewhat free of that. Dust though is something that you can not really get away from at all!

The rabbits though are extremely clean animals. They are always cleaning themselves and having two means that they clean each other quite thoroughly as well. I put a sheet on their rug and change it every few days or so and it is amazingly clean even after a few days of use. They clean up their hay amazingly well leaving very few strands by morning.

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