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Parish Records in Somerset Parishes

My brief foray into the US census of 1790 and 1800 in South Carolina has revealed to me that I need to look at the parish registers in Somerset and South Carolina prior to 1790. The Somerset parish registers are online transcriptions for some of the parishes and I will begin there. I need to search for South Carolina parish registers and will start with Ancestry and online searches to locate them if they are available online.

Parish Register of Overstowey
1558 to 1812 (Phillimore Parish Registers for Marriages)
The first entry in the transcription is a Blake marriage (this is likely John the younger son of Humphrey Blake who was buried 28 Dec 1558 at Overstowey)
Volume 1
John Blake and Christian Jugg 18 Aug 1558
James [Richards] and Alis Blake (daughter of J[ohn] Blake [the elder]) 2 Oct 1569
Robert Zelake and Elizabeth Blake [daughter of John Blake the elder] 9 Oct 1571
Thomas Saunders and Ann Blake (daughter of John Blake the elder) 3 Aug 1573
Humfry Blake and Agnes James 2 Oct 1578 [son of John Blake the elder]
Richard Slocombe and Elizabeth Blake 20 Oct 1586
Richard Blake and Grace Napcott 29 May 1589 [son of John Blake the elder]
Volume 2
John Chapline alias Farmer (of Crokombe) and Alice Blake 3 Jul 1615
Thomas Laurence and Mary Blake 24 Oct 1633
Robert Blake and Elizabeth Selleck 22 Aug 1642
John Blake and Elizabeth Lyker 23 Sep 1652
Volume 3
John Blake, junior and Hannah Rich 8 May 1690
Thomas Blake and Elizabeth Coxe (widow) 21 May 1695
Volume 4
Thomas Williams and Ann Blake 23 Apr 1714
Volume 5
William Blake and Jone Silk, both of Charlinch 9 July 1751

The Blake entries disappear after 1751 (at least up to 1811) at Overstowey. The Selleck/Slocomb/Laurence families continue at Overstowey but for the one name study I do not follow the line of Blake females beyond their initial marriage (including my own!).

Parish Register of Charlynch 1745-1779 (Phillimore Parish Registers for Marriages) (4 miles ESE of Overstowey)
The Reverend John Lee, Rector of Limpston, county Devon and Mary Blake 11 Jan 1778

Parish Registers of Aisholt (Phillimore Parish Registers for Marriages) (2 miles SSE of Overstowey)
Volume 1
Nathaniel Blake, Rector of Aisholt, and Sarah Blanchflower of Fitzhead (at Fitzhead) 7 Feb 1672 (this is likely Nathaniel son of Humphrey Blake and Elizabeth Upton, Humphrey being the son of Humphrey Blake and Agnes James, this Humphrey being the son of John Blake the elder at Overstowey)
Volume 2
Richard Thorne and Elizabeth Blake 6 May 1698
Richard Thorne and Sarah Blake 13 Oct 1698
John Hill and Sarah Blake 26 Dec 1745
Roger Blake and Ann Lane 29 Dec 1750

Parish Register of Broomfield (Phillimore Parish Registers for Marriages) (5 miles SSE of Overstowey)
 Volume 1
Joseph Fish and Susannah Blake 11 May 1752
John Blake, agric., and Susanna Mullins 5 Feb 1770

Parish Register of Dodington (Phillimore Parish Registers for Marriages) (2 miles NNW of Overstowey)
Volume 1
Edmon Blake, of Netherstowey, and Elizabeth Lee 26 Feb 1722/23

Parish Registers of Enmore (Phillimore Parish Registers for Marriages) (5 miles ESE of Overstowey)
John Eairesh and Mary Blake 20 Mar 1785

Parish Registers of Otterhampton (Phillimore Parish Registers for Marriages) (5 niles NE of Overstowey)
 William Blake and Agnes Gunningham 30 Jan 1670/71

Parish Registers of Stockland Gaunts (otherwise Stockland Bristol) (Phillimore Parish Registers for Marriages) (5 miles NE of Overstowey)
Volume 4
Richard Blake and Elinor Stuckey 3 Feb 1699/70
George Ellis, of Storgusie, and Elenor Blake 3 Jun 1718
John Downe, of Otterhampton, and Anne Blake 31 Jan 1722/23
Phillip Hancock and Ann Blake, both of Ashbrittle,  3 Sep 1740

Parish Registers of Cannington (Phillimore Parish Registers for Marriages (5 miles E of Overstowey)
 Volume 1
Robert Blake and Edyth Crosse, 23 Jul 1562
Valentine Brysse and Margory Blake 7 Nov 1595
William Blake and Agnis Mills, widow, 26 May 1625
John Blake and Joane Boys 12 Oct 1629
Volume 2
Thomas Northerin and Amy Blake 9 Sep 1682
David Danice and Luce Blake 20 Jan 1687
John Blake and Dorothy Brown 19 Aug 1694
Arthur Blake, of Bridgwater, and Grace Marks 30 Jan 1697

Parish Registers of Spaxton (Phillimore Parish Registers for Marriages (3 miles ESE of Overstowey)
Humfry Blake and Joane Thorne 17 Oct 1600
William Sayer and Elizabeth Blake 14 Mar 1803

I will continue extracting from the parishes around Overstowey.

I have some information on one of the brothers of Robert, Lord High Admiral.  Nicholas Blake married Jone Question in 1632 at Dunster, Somerset. Jone Question was sister to my 6x great grandfather Augustine Question. Finding this was quite amazing and put more impetus into my desire to research the Somerset Blake family in greater detail. This is my maternal side and before finding this there was absolutely no connection between my parent's lines. There still isn't a direct connect but it is quite interesting.

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