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Sproxton family of Great Driffield, Lund, East Riding of Yorkshire

This post has been sitting in my draft folder for about a year so decided to post it in case the burials are of interest to anyone from the Parish Registers of Great Driffield.

My interest in Great Driffield stems from Ann Sproxton who married John Cobb 24 Nov 1782 at Lund (near Beverley) East Yorkshire Riding and she was the daughter of Richard Sproxton and Ann Harland who were themselves married 24 Dec 1753 at Great Driffield. Ann Sproxton was identified on her wedding registration as being born at Great Driffield. This priest is to be highly commended for efficiently providing the information which unequivocably relates Ann back to her family at Great Driffield. Ann Sproxton was baptized 14 Sep 1760 at Great Driffield.

I have accumulated a number of scans of the Parish Registers of Great Driffield and will transcribe them to see if there is anything helpful to me in them. Richard Sproxton and Ann Harland baptized only four children at Great Driffield where they married

Daniel baptized 12 Mar 1754

Richard baptized 10 Oct 1756

Ann (as above)

Dyna baptized 22 Jun 1765

Richard was baptized 10 Oct 1721 the son of Richard Sproxton and Dorothy English at Hutton Cranswick and I have a number of scans for this parish as well to transcribe. Richard was buried 3 May 1770 at Great Driffield (Ann was only ten years old). Ann Harland was baptized 1 Aug 1731 at Great Driffield the daughter of Timothy Harland and Ann Wilkinson who were themselves married 24 Jun 1723 at Great Driffield. The Sproxton family continues back at Hutton Cranswick to Richard Sproxton married to Margaret Garrit (parents of Richard baptized 10 Oct 1721) 30 Sep 1688 (first marriage for Richard). This Richard was the son of John Sproxton and Ann Simpson who married 5 Jan 1659 at Hutton Cranswick. This John was the son of John Sproxton and Isobel who may have married at Hutton Cranswick (both are buried there) but no marriage found to date. Where this Sproxton family lived prior to the 1600s is unknown at this time.

Great Driffield Parish Registers (list is not continuous as some scans were not the entire page and entries are omitted that were incomplete)

Burial 6 Dec 1737 Thomas Larel buried

Burial 14 Jan 1737 Ann Spakeman buried

Burial 14 Jan 1737 Thomas the son of John Tovey

Burial 20 Jan 1737 Jane wife of John Tovey

Burial 1 Feb 1737 James son of William Eeles

Burial 19 Feb 1737 Mary Piper widow

Burial 20 Feb 1737 Farmer John Hanson

Burial 26 Feb 1737 Thomas the son of John Louch

Burial 22 Mar 1737 Elizabeth daughter of John Mascal

Burial 1 Apr 1738 wife of William Eeles

Burial 20 May 1738 Elizabeth wife of Farmer William Hocklay

Burial 24 Jun 1738 Samuel son of John Tovey

Burial 4 Aug 1738 Joseph Pilsey

Burial 17 Sep 1738 Francis _usher

Burial 18 Nov 1738 Sarah daughter of William Tadgrove

Burial 25 Dec 1738 John Lamden

Burial 16 Jan 1738 William Eeles

Burial 12 Feb 1738 Margaret Welman

Burial 30 Apr 1739 James Ricson

Burial 19 Sep 1739 William Aubery

Burial 16 Dec 1739 John Marshall

Burial 10 Sep 1742 John Hawkes

Burial 5 Oct 1742 William Clarke

Burial 19 Oct 1742 Stephen Blandy

I will continue with this transcription the next research day.

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