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Will of George Blake of Old Cleeve, Somerset probated 21 Jan 1636 (my images of #62, National Archives PROB 11/170)

George Blake, yeoman of Old Cleeve, left a non-cupative will dated 26 Jun 1635 and probated 21 Jan 1636. George identifies his brother as William Blake and his wife as Marie Blake. His recorders were Nicholas Dibble and George Evens.

Checking Old Cleeve Parish Register Transcriptions on Martin Southwood's site ( and They do not begin until the beginning of the 1700s unfortunately. At that early part of the 17th century no Blake baptisms or marriages and just one burial for an Ann Blake up to the 1750s.

We know he is not Humphrey (married to Sarah Williams)'s son as his son George died at Plymouth, Devon in 1667. Again the Devon Blake family is just over the border in Devon and I have not done enough work on that family to know if this is a Devon Blake line or a Somerset Blake line or other. Working back this far the Blake families did have concentrations and eventually as I draw out the records I will be able to map those concentrations. I think that is somewhat in the future although the Blake family in the Andover Hampshire area is slowly taking shape in my mind and eventually on paper and will add to my website.

Old Cleeve is 3 miles NWN from Dunster, 2 miles WNW from Carhampton, 5 miles E of West Quantoxhead, 5 miles ESE Stogumber,  10 miles ESE of Over Stowey, 17 miles E of Bridgewater and just to locate this village with respect to some of the places where Blake families are found. It is certainly close enough to some of the descendants of Humphrey Blake of Over Stowey in this time period.

Once I have completed my transcription of the set of wills I have from Somerset and extracted the information from the Abstracts of Somersetshire Wills copied from the Manuscript Collections of the late Rev. Frederick Brown, M.A., F.S.A. which I happen to have on fiche I will then check to see which parish records I am missing in the areas around Over Stowey in the earliest time period (the abstracts of Rev. Brown are now available on internet archive so I am able to quote them fully and will do so). Many of these are not yet transcribed but Somerset Record Office does permit the purchase of their Parish Records on Fiche. I have most of the Parishes in the Selworthy, Somerset area including Minehead which also have Blake entries. I have not looked at these fiche for several years and need to return to them now with the Blake one name Study. My interest in them was my Siderfin/Rew/Kent/Question/Moggridge/Vicary/Snow/Marton/Davies/Beague/Millet/Webber/Foster and the new surname Harmon which I have not yet investigated. Of course, I continue to be very interested in my 2x great grandmother Elizabeth Rew's ancestry. To most people who have been doing genealogy for years my pursuit of Elizabeth Rew over a more than two year period must seem very short but to me it seemed to take forever to finally discover that she wasn't a Devon native at all (in spite of that being "in stone" on her gravestone!) but rather was born and raised to adulthood in Somerset at Bratton just outside of Minehead.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 14 Apr 2012
Source:  The National Archives (images by me of #62) PROB 11/170
Name of testator: George Blake
Place: Old Cleeve, Somerset, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 26 Jun 1635, probated 21 Jan 1636
Read: Electronic file
Condition: smudges, 17th century, bold copy, mixture of middle and modern English

[In margin] T. Georgij
[In margin] Blake

1    In the name of God Amen I George
2    Blake of Old Cleve in the Countie of Somersett yeoman the Sixe-
3    and Twentith day of June Anno domini, one Thousand six hundred
4    Thirty five, doe make this my Noncupative last will and Testament in
5    manner and forme following (viz [a vi]t0 being sicke in bodie, but of perfect memory
6    praises be my God. First I commend my soule to God my creator, Trustinge in
7    Christs merritts to be saved, and my bodie to christian buriall Item I give and,
8    bequeath unto my Brother William Blake all my wearing apparrell, All
9    the rest of my goods and chattells I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife
10    Marie Blake whome I make my whole and sole Executrix. Testibus Nicholas
11    dibble, George Evens

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