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Will of Margaret Blake, wife of Robert Blake, Images from the National Archives (my own)

I have been meaning to start on the Somerset wills that I imaged when we were at Kew in 2010 but time has slipped by very quickly and now that I am into looking at the Blake family of Somerset it is time to transcribe the Blake wills that I have of Somerset (I have another dozen wills to transcribe). Others have transcribed the will of Margarett Blake in part but I decided to do the entire version. Margaret is grandmother to Lord High Admiral Robert Blake (son of Humphrey) and mentioned in her will.

Margaret mentions her husband Robert of Bridgewater and quickly we know which family line this is plus her children Anstice (mentioned in her grandfather Humphrey Blake's will so alive in 1558 and more than 42 years of age), Humphrey with his nine children and William who will be an overseer along with others. Only Robert the eldest son of Humphrey is mentioned and he is thought to be about one year old when this will was written in 1599. The sons must have married late or they were much younger than Anstice perhaps. As I transcribe the parish records (if available), I may discover more about this family. But for the moment the will is an interesting read (three pages in length). I found it interesting the insistence that the young girls mentioned in the will were not permitted to marry before 25 with permission.

My initial thoughts when I was first into genealogy back in 2003 was that people married young but I found that some of my ancestors did marry young but many of them were in their early twenties.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 11 Apr 2012
Source:  The National Archives (images by me of #624)
Name of testator: Margarett Blake
Place: Bridgewater, Somerset, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 20 Apr 1599, probated 7 Nov 1600
Read: Electronic file
Condition: smudges, 16th century, bold copy, script

[In margin] T: Margarete
[In margin] Blake

1    In the name of god Amen the Twentithe daye of Aprill in the yere
2    of our Lorde god One Thousande fyve hundred ninety and nyne, And in the
3    One and Fouretithe yeare of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Ladie Elizabeth by the
4    grace of god Queene of Englande Frannce and Irelande defendor of the fayth Etc
5    I Margarett Blake of Bridgewater in the Countie of Somersett, widowe, late wief
6    of Roberte Blake deceassed beinge of perfecte healthe and good memorye (thankes be
7    to god) knowinge the instabillitie of this mortall life, That deathe is sure to every man
8    and nothinge more uncertaine then the tyme thereof do make my last will and testam[en]t
9    in manner and forme followinge, Firste I bequeathe my soule to Almightie God, And my
10    bodie to the grave, beseachinge him of his infinite mercye by the death and merites of my
11    Lorde and Saviour Christ; To receive my spirite into his kingdome when it shall please his
12    devine Maiestie  to dissolve the same from this Earthlie bodie, Item I give and bequeathe
13    to the Maior Aldermen and Burgesses of the Boroughe of Bridgwater the somme of tenne
14    pounds, to be levyed gathered and paide in unto them by and out of the interest and increase
15    of suche money as I nowe have, or at the time of my deathe shall have forthe at interests,
16    whiche money my will is shall be let forthe for use, until such tyme as the said tenne
17    poundes and other my Lecacies herein conteyned shall be fullie satisfied and paide, And I doe
18    devise and appoynte that the saide Tenne poundes shall yerelie for ever be lett forthe to
19    use, for the benefitt and beheese of the poore people of the Boroughe of Bridgewater afore-
20    saide, To be employed and bestowed yerelie at Alhollowtide in Six Smockes for Six poore
21    women, or for more, or lesse, as the saide use will stretch unto for the tyme beinge. To
22    be given them yerelie, duringe the lyves of my sonnes William and Humfrye, To such
23    poore people as they or the survivor of them shall appoynte within the Boroughe afore-
24    saide, And after their deathes the same allwayes to be distributed as aforesaide in Smockes
25    for the poore of the same Boroughe at the tyme aforesaide by the discretion and appoyntm[en]t
26    of the Maior and councell of the saide Boroughe for the tyme beinge, Item I give to the
27    Almes house of Bridgwater standinge withoute the westgate a Coverlett of downye
28    and A paire of newe canvas sheetes To this and That when anie of them be sicke and shall
29    neede the same to use the saide coverlett and sheetes, And when anie of them doe dye to
30    use the Coverlett to laye over the corps in carryenge to their buryall, More I give
31    the saide Almes house at the houre of my deathe foure shillinges in money, More I give
32    to the poore of Bridgewater (exceptinge the Almes houses) as to be distributed at my
33    buryall by the discretion of my Executors in trust, Twentie shillinges in money, Item,
    [Page 2]
34    I give to the Almes house of Storguisey fyve shillinges, And fyve shillinges more to oth[e]r
35    of the poore of that parishe by the discretion of the churchwardens there for the time
36    beinge, and my cosen Bartholmewe More of weeke, if he then shall be lyvinge, Item I
37    give to the poore of Spaxton Tenne shillinges to be distributed by the discretion of the
38    churchwardens there, and the Tenemente of Tuxwell for the tyme beinge, Item I give to
39    my sonne William Blake a coverlett of Tapistrye, and one silver spoone, Item I give to
40    my sonne Humfreys childe Robert Blake A Spur Royall of gould, Item I give to my
41    daughter Anstis Buckinge my best cloake, my best hatt and my blewe mantell, Item
42    I give to Emanuell Buckinge Tenne shillinges in gould, Item I give to Anne white Tenne
43    shillinges in goulde Item I give to Richard and Roberte Stradlinges sonnes of Richard
44    Stradlinge, To eache of them Tenne shillinges, to be bestowed for them in some needfull
45    garmentes or bookes as my Executors in trust shall thinke good, Item I give to my Sister
46    Elizabethe Symons Tenne shillinges in gould, Item I give to my Sister Dorothie Sinder-
47    combe Tenne shillinges in gould, Item I give to my cosen Richard Blake of Overstowey
48    one silver spoone and Tenne shillinges in gould, Item I give to master Nicholas Strete
49    the elder one silver spoone, And a spur Royall of gould, Item I give to mistresse Marye
50    Streete his wife my martin Skynnes and velvet waste, Item I give to master John
51    Michell one silver spoone, Item I give to mistres Dorothie Michell his wife my gould
52    Ringe withe deathes head, Item I give to Marye Stradlinge the wife of Richarde
53    Stradlinge my furred gowne, Item I give to Sara Popham my god daughter my gould
54    Ringe withe Turkeys stone, Item I give to a preacher for a Sermon at my Buryall
55    Tenne shillinges, Item I give to Jane Stradlinge daughter of Richard Stradlinge,
56    Fouretie poundes in money, my Sea Chist withoute feete beinge empty, And a litle
57    spruce chist with theis thinges in it viz [a vi]t a silver sault double guilt with a cover,
58    weyenge Sixtene ounces and haulf, A vallaunce for a Bed of needle worke conteyninge three
59    panes. A paire of fine hollande sheetes, and a bearinge flannynge of stamell clothe, More
60    I give her my best gowne, best petticoate, and greatest panne nexte to my sonne Humfreys
61    panne, Item I give to Grace Stradlinge Sister of the saide Jane fourtie poundes in
62    money, my newe chist of two bushells, being emptie, my lesser spruce chist also
63    emptie, my gowne of London browne, my seconde greatest panne, And two needle worke
64    Cusshions, Item I give all my wearinge lynnen to the saide Jane and Grace equally
65    betwene them to be devided, And the lynnen in the litle blacke chist or Coffer I give
66    to the saide Jane and Grace, as it is there already devided in the saide Chist viz [a vi]t that
67    parte or bundell wherein the Curtynes are, to be for Jane, The other parte or bundell
68    for Grace withe also the chist, Also my will is That if the saide Jane or Grace
69    Stradlinge or either of them shall happen to dye before the tyme in the which they
70    are to Receive their Legacyes accordinge to this my will hereafter specified: That then
71    such Legacies of her that shall so dye shall whollie Remaine unto the Survivor of the
72    saide Jane and Grace, And if they bothe shall happen to dye before the saide tyme:
73    That then is shall whollie Remaine unto Richard and Roberte Stradlinges brothers
74    of the saide Jane and Grace equallie to be devided, or to the survivor of them, To be
75    paide to them when they bothe, or the survivor of them shall accomplishe the age hereafter
76    specified, And whereas Robert Blake my late husbande deceassed did leave att the
77    tyme of his deathe the somme of twelvescore poundes of currante Englishe moneye
78    in the handes of Richard Hodges deceassed and one Leonarde Crosse: To the end that
79    Twentie poundes of the yerelie gaine and increase thereof should be paide unto me
80    Yerelie for my mainetenaunce duringe my life, And did further will and appointe
81    That the said somme of Twelvescore poundes should be paide unto, and for ever
82    remaine and be in the handes and keepinge of the Maior Aldermen and Burgesses
83    of the Borough of Bridgwater, to this end and purpose That the saide Maior Aldermen
    [Page 3]
84    and Burgesses and their successors for ever should let forthe or otherwise employ the saide
85    somme of Twelve score poundes and therewith to make a yerelie gaine of Twentie pounds
86    And the same Twentie poundes yerelie after my death to distribute and give in this manner
87    followinge viz [a vi]t, Sixtene poundes thereof to be given and devided yerely amongest the poore
88    people of the Boroughe of Bridgwater aforesaide accordinge to the discretion of the Maior
89    Aldermen and councell of the saide Boroughe And the other fouer poundes residue of the
90    saide Twentie poundes for Reparation and amendmente of the cawsies and highe-
91    wayes neare to the saide Borough of Bridgewater by the like order and discretion as
92    is aforesaide, And especially willed me to have care and to procure the same to be
93    Performed, my will and spetiate desire and Request therefore is, That if the saide twelve
94    score poundes shall nott in my lyfe tyme be paide, in or otherwise be assured to be paide
95    unto the Maior Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough aforesaide accordinge to my saide
96    husbandes will and appointements, That then my Executors and Overseers doe withall
97    conveniente speede procure the same to be don[e], And that my sonne Humfrey to whom the somme
98    is nowe assured doe (as he will answere before god when the secreates of all mens hartes
99    shall be knowne) deliver in the saide assurance and cause the somme to be made to the
100    saide Maior Aldermen and Burgesses accordinge to the will and desire of his said Father
101    afore mentioned, as my self would have don[e], if the same had come to my handes or bin asked
102    unto me, as it ought to have bin by the will of his saide Father , And I doe by theis pre-
103    sents ordaine and make the saide Jane and Grace Stradlinge to be Executors of this my
104    last will and Testament, when they bothe or the survivor of them shall accomplishe the
105    age of Twentye and fyve yeres, or otherwise, when they bothe, or either of them shall
106    marrye, with the consent and good likinge of my beloved frendes master Nicholas Streete
107    Gentleman, William Blake my sonne and my cosen Richard Blake of Overstowey or
108    to the survivor or survivors of them: That from thenceforth it shall and maye be
109    lawfull for the saide Jane and Grace, Or to such as shall soe marrye as aforesaide
110    And not otherwise to take the charge and execu[t]ion of Executorshippe of this my saide
111    Testamente for such por[t]ion as shall be founde due or meant to them or either of them
112    by this my saide Testamente, But if either of the saide Jane or Grace shall rashly
113    and wilfully marrye before they shall accomplishe the age of Twentie and fyve yeres
114    as aforesaid withoute the consente and good likings of the above named Nicholas
115    Streete William Blake and Richard Blake, or the survivor or survivors of them
116    That then my will is That suche of them the saide Jane or Grace shall enioy no benefit
117    of this my Testamente, either by legacye or Executorship, but shall whollie Reverte
118    unto the other of the Two Sisters above named whiche shall be founde to observe
119    the Condi[t]ions above written at the tyme before specified: But if bothe of them
120    shall wilfullie marrie before the age aforesaide without the consent of the parties
121    above written: That then bothe of them shall be utterlie voide of anie benefit of this
122    my saide will and Testamente, And from thenceforthe my will is that whole benefitt
123    shall come to the above named Richard and Robert Stradlinges brothers of the saide
124    Jane and Grace equallie to be devided, or to the survivor of them, when they bothe
125    or the survivor of them shall likewise accomplishe the age of Twentye and fyve yeares
126    And in the meane tyme I doe make appointe and request the within named
127    Nicholas Streete, William Blake, and Richard Blake to be the Executors of this
128    my saide will and Testamente (viz [ a vi]t) untill the saide Jane and Grace Stradlinges
129    shall bothe of them or the survivor of them accomplishe the age of Twentie and fyve
130    yeres as aforesaide, or otherwise shall marrye withoute the consent of suche as is
131    before specified, And if the saide Legacies shall happen to fall to the above named
132    Richard and Robert Stradlinges, either by the deathe of their saide Sisters or by
133    their defaulte, in marryenge withoute consente as aforesaide, Then my will is that the
    [Page 4]
134    saide Richard and Robert Stradlinges or the survivor of them shall likewise be the
135    Executors or Executor of this my saide will and Testamente, when they bothe or the
136    survivor of them shall likewise accomplishe the age of Twentie and fyve yeres, and nott
137    before, until whiche type I doe reques[t]e and appointe the saide Nicholas Streete
138    William Blake and Richarde Blake to be the executors of this my saide will, uppon
139    Truste and confidence to the use of such to whom it shall apperteine as is aforesaide
140    And from thenceforthe the Executorshippe of the saide Nicholas Streete, William
141    Blake and Richard Blake to cease and be utterlye voyde, And that they shall be from
142    thenceforthe overseers of this my saide Testamente, And I doe by theis presents
143    Revoke and make voyde All my former willes and Testamentes, And ordeine and
144    appointe this to be my last will and Testamente, In witnes whereof I have to
145    theis presents set my Seale and  subscribed my signe geven the day and yere
146    aforesaide

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