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Will of William Blake, Yeoman of Bishops Lydeard, Somerset, National Archives PROB 11/132, probated 27 Sep 1618

The will of Humphrey (probated 1559) left land to John the elder (his son) in Bishops Lydeard. John does have a son William but I am not sure this is John's son. The only kin mentioned is Philipp Sully. William son of John is said to be married to Anne (unknown) with children: Grace, Eme, William, John, Anne, Robert and Richard. Plus he and his wife were buried at Pitminster in 1642 and 1644 respectively.

According to John's will: To son William Blake all my land in the parish of Bishops Lydeard in Bishops Wood and Bishops Downe. Also one tenement in Plainsfield in the tenure and occupation of Robert Jenkins and all my land in Padnoller in the parish of Spaxton in the tenure and occupation of John Burnell.(probated 1577) and it rather looks like William ended up in Pitminster.

I rather think this is a different William Blake; he is dying in 1618. Looking at the Protestation Returns for Somerset we have: William Blake (noted as aged by the recorder) in Blagdon Tithing of Pitminster. Also in Pitminster there are John and Richard (above it is noted that he has sons William, John, Robert and Richard).  There isn't a Blake living at Bishops Lydeard on the Protestation Returns of 1641-42. William doesn't mention anyone at Bishops Lydeard with the surname Blake other than his wife Johane.

 At this time, I do not see how this William connects into the Humphrey Blake family or whether he does. Like the Halse Blake family there simply isn't enough early information to help connect them back another generation although in the case of the Halse family there are more wills to come.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 20 Apr 2012
Source:  The National Archives PROB 11/132 Image Reference 218/181 (images by me)
Name of testator: William Blake, Yeoman
Place: Bishops Lydeard, Somerset, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 13 Jun 1618, probated 27 Sep 1618
Read: Electronic file
Condition: smudges, 17th century, bold copy
[In margin] T  Willmi
[In margin] Blake

1    In the name of God Amen the thirteenth day of June in A[nn]o
2    Domini one thousand six hundred and Eighteene I William Blake of Leddiard Episcopi
3    yeoman thankes be to god at perfect memorye and calling to mynde the brevitie of mans life
4    dispose to make my last will and testament in manner and forme folowing. First I give
5    and bequeathe my Soule to Almightie god my Creator and my bodie to be buryed in the
6    Churchyarde. Item I give to St Andrewes church in Wells fouer pence.  My will is that
7    Philipp Sully my kyne shall have and enjoy three acres of Land lying in the parish of
8    Hillfarrrance late in the tenure of John Leane which I boughte of Emanuel Capell and the
9    Lease belonging to the same three Acres of Land and the same guifte to commence and begynne
10    ymmediatlie after the deathe of Johane my wife. For my meaning is that the said Johane
11    shall have occupie and enioye the same three acres of Land during her naturall life And allso
12    I do further appoynte give and ordayne that the said Johane my wife shall have occupye
13    and enioye all my Land lying in the parishe of R[u]iston during her naturall life making noe
14    waste or spoyle uppon the premisses. Item I give eache one of all my godchildren one young
15    sheepe a peece to be delivered after my decease by the direction of my Overseers I doe
16    appoynte Thomas Richardes of Norton and Simon Powle of Whithelscome my overseers
17    of this my last will and testament And I give unto Thomas Richards for his paynes taken
18    fyve shillinges And to Simon Powle for his paynes taken twelve pence. All the residue of
19    my goodes and chattells I give to Johane my wife whome I make my sole Executrix of this
20    my will and testament seying me sufficient the buryal and all my debts payed Item I give
21    to John Bowne of Staplegrove one peice of Land conteyning twoe acres lying within the
22    parishe of R[u]iston called Barrowes meade beyng my yeaster peece and the same peece to have
    [page 2]
23    and enioye ymmediatlie after the deathe of Johane my wife. And the same John shall
24    paye out of the saied Landes twelve poundes within one yere after the fall of the sowne
25    Lande that is to Jane the wife of Robert Elleat of R[u]iston three poundes And to Laurence
26    Elliott her sonne fortie shillinges And to Simon Brown of the same parishe fyve poundes
27    And to Johane his sister twentie shillinges. And I do appoynte into the handes of John
28    Lightefoote twentie shillinges by hym to be bestowed for the best benefitt of Thomas Brown
29    his wife and children parcell of the twelve poundes Item I give one other parcell of Lande
30    conteyning three acres called Moore meade late in the tenure of Cristofer Mathews of Stoke Mary
31    unto Frannces Crosse my servante and the same peece to have and enioy ymmeadiatlie after
32    the deathe of Johane, my wife. And the said Franncis shall paye out of the same peece of
33    Land fyve poundes within one yere after the fall of the Lands that is to Anne Crosse her
34    Sister fortie shillinges and to Johane her Sister thirtie shillinges; And to Mary theire
35    Sister thirtie shillinges. Item I give two other peeces of Land lyinge in the parishe of R[u]iston unto
36    Simon Powle of Withelscome conteyning three acres the one called Colparoote the other
37    Haynes Are beying my twoe wester peeces And the same twoe peeces to have and enioye
38    ymmeadiatlie after the deathe of Johane my wife. And the same Simon is to paye out of
39    the twoe parcells of Land tenne poundes within one yere after the fall of the Land that
40    g__s to Walter Oliver of Norton fortie shillinges. And to Johane the daughter of William
41    Jeffrey late of Kyngston deceased three poundes And to her twoe other sisters fortie shillinges
42    shillinges apeece and twentie shillinges to the poore of Liddard Episcopie This to be payde
43    out of the said twoe parcells of Land by Simon aforesayed My meaning is not to taxe or
44    chardge myne Executrix with any parte of Legacey by this my will and Testament Yf god
45    doe enhables me to surrender the Land as chardged with the aforesayed Legaceys  But yf
46    I dye and not Surrender I do chardge my Executrix as she shall annswere at the last day
47    to surrender all the aforesayd Landes lying in Ruiston within one monethe after my decease
48    to the aforenamed John Bowne Frannces Crosse and Simon Powle according to the
49    same intent and meaning of this my will and testament to the chardge and coste of the
50    sayd Francis and Simon yf any of theise which shall have Legacey out of my Landes
51    dye before the tyme of payment that then his or her portion shal[l ]be payd to theire next
52    kyne by the appoyntment of my Overseers And so the peace of god be with you
53    all. The Signe and Seale of William Blake the day and yere above written
54    in the presence of John Comer and Thomas Richards the younger.

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