Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ellis family of Winterborne Stickland

Talking about Family Finder brought me to the Ellis family in a discussion on the autosomal list serv. I decided to verify something about Ellis Ellis my 5x great grandfather and ended up discovering that Winterborne Stickland early parish records are now on Ancestry. An hour passed quickly!

Ellis Ellis's parents were Thomas Ellis and Mary Bound and they married 27 Dec 1703 at Winterborne Stickland, Dorset, England. I haven't found any information on this couple at Winterborne Stickland yet. There are a lot of members of the Bound family there but few Ellis members. Thomas and Mary had six children of whom only three appear to have survived to adulthood with Ellis being the youngest child. Their children were Elizabeth, Mary, John, Thomas, William and Ellis (with Mary, John and Ellis appearing to survive to adulthood). I have not yet looked at Mary and John with regard to marriage or children but Ellis married Sarah Wellspring 7 Mar 1738 at Winterborne Stickland and they had seven children according to some family trees. I have not yet found a baptism for a William baptized around 1739 but I do have the information on Jane, Elizabeth, John, Susanna and Sarah (my ancestress). All survived to adulthood and I have marriages for Jane, Elizabeth and Susanna sisters of Sarah but not yet one for William or John.  I shall spend more time looking at the records on Ancestry.

Sarah married William Knight 7 Aug 1775 at Winterborne Stickland and their son Ellis Knight married Eleanor Knight (they may have been 2nd or 3rd cousins). Their son Samuel Knight married Louisa Butt and my father remembered his great grandparents very well and actually knew Samuel when he was a child. They used to visit him at Turnworth Dorset where he lived. Samuel died in 1912 and was 83 years old ( his wife had died twelve years earlier but my grandfather's oldest sister Louisa lived with her grandparents and eventually married at Turnworth and stayed there thus providing them with good support in their old age since only four of their eleven children survived to adulthood).

For anyone related to this Ellis line there is quite a bit of information on them in the parish registers.

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