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Terribye and Houghton - - The Border Papers, Volume I, 1560 - 1594, edited by Joseph Bain

The Border Papers: Calendar of Letters and Papers relating to the affairs of the Borders of England and Scotland preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office London, edited by Joseph Bain, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and Foreign Corresponding Member of the Society of Antiquaries of Normandy. Volume I. A.D. 1560 - 1594. Published by the Authority of the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury, under the direction of the Deputy Clerk Register of Scotland.

London, February 1894.

This particular volume includes the Muster rolls for Eskdale Ward in Cumberland and I will post them over the next few days. Unfortunately Bewcastle, Eske, Leven and Kirklinton did not answer the Muster call. These records can be found on pages 37 to 41, Section 90. Musters of Eskdale Ward, Cumberland. The Muster Rolls were taken on 9 Feb 1580/81 and for me provide a nice census of the Townships as my Routledge, Tweddle, Robson and Bushby families are found in some of these parishes.

This is the final set from the Border Papers for Eskdale Ward. A number of other Wards are in Volume 1 of the Border Papers.

Township    Surname    Forename    Suffix

Terribye Bell Patten
Terribye Barnefather Christofer
Terribye Iveson John
Terribye Anderson Christofer
Terribye Parker Thomas elder
Terribye Bell Henrie
Terribye Barnefather Cuthbert
Terribye Anderson Thomas
Terribye Ridge Robert
Terribye Anderson Henrie
Terribye Parker Thomas younger
Terribye Anderson Michaell
Terribye Bell Henrie younger
Houghton Parker Christofer
Houghton Parker John
Houghton Parker Thomas
Houghton James Robert
Houghton Dalton Robert
Houghton Blaicklocke Robert
Houghton Kinge William
Houghton Robinson Thomas
Houghton Haught William
Houghton Heslope William
Houghton Milnes Christofer
Houghton James Clemente
Houghton James James
Houghton Lecke Edwarde
Houghton Holme Randell
Houghton Kinge Thomas
Houghton Robinson Thomas
Houghton James Christofer
Houghton Milner John
Houghton Blaicklocke John

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