Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blake one name study with wordpress

Yesterday's Google+ hangout was most successful and with my daughter's assistance I have begun the blog for the Blake one name study on Word Press:

I will become more familiar with this software and then add on the The Next Generation Software (TNG) which will use Word Press as the front end manager. As well I want to create a Wiki page for the one name study.

I expect this will take me most of the month. There will be a login procedure to use the site more fully so that it will require a one time registration which gives you a user name and password of your choice.

The Google+ hangout was rather interesting (eight people) and lasted (for me) two hours as I left five people still chatting. Three of the people on the chat were users of TNG and one in particular used WordPress as the front end. I hope to put all of my transcriptions up on the site attached to the person where possible. TNG allows for the insertion of a number of gedcoms so it should be possible to display many many Blake family lines with their sources. I will think of this as our project rather than mine since I am, at the moment, only the caretaker of the Blake one name study. All of you who are descendants of your various Blake families are really the creators since my line is just one of many.

Future posts that deal with the Blake one name study will only be on the new site. This blog will now become a repository of my personal family information and on occasion, like the Routledge documents, will serve to display any work that I do with other groups on my particular family lines or surnames. It will continue to house material on my Pincombe one name study whilst I work on how much space the Blake study will occupy. In theory I could create another wordpress folder and call it pincombegoons but for the moment it is a considerably smaller study and without an active yDNA group I can not move forward with this study other than continuing to collect Pincombe/Pinkham references whereever they occur.

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