Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympics 2012, Blake and Buller/Taylor

Needless to say I am an Olympics fan and have been more or less glued to the Television (or computer screen depending on how you interpret watching events :) ) for the last week. I love to run and still do but mostly in my own basement using video games like "Walk it Out" and Wii Fit and Decca Sports!

I have had a few interesting emails on the Blake family and continue to put in a few hours working on my flat file of the Blake marriages from 1837 on. I have had good success in finding the couples in the census so that I am able to match up many of them. I have now completed Buckinghamshire and working on Cheshire. Discovered Merseyside yesterday and decided that I will not move beyond 1974 so that I do not have to get into Merseyside just yet. I will stick with the old counties for the moment and besides it seems like an invasion of privacy to go beyond the 1920s to me because of Canadian restrictions on access to Information!

Made an interesting discovery that the Taylor family in Birmingham that interests me lived in St Philips District and on Bull Street. This is rather an incredible discovery because Henry Christopher Buller (father of Edwin Denner Buller who married Ellen Taylor) was a provision dealer in the 1830s living on Bull Street. Coincidence or a remarkable breakthrough still remains to be seen. My only true brick wall is Ellen Taylor my great grandmother and my mtDNA line. That particular set of mutations (H11a2a1) says that I am likely Scot so was my great grandmother the daughter of Irish parents who were originally Scot Planters in Ireland. My grandmother's favourite song was "Danny Boy" and that was because her mother used to sing it. Everytime I hear the lyrics it reminds me of my grandmother.

Unfortunately my grandmother's mother died when she was just eleven years old.  Her memories of her mother were so very sweet actually. They must have been a very happy family. Her father worked at two full time jobs which always amazed me but was apparently quite common at the time. If one was slow then he always had the other one to fall back on. Then other times he was just really busy my grandmother would say. Life was very different in those days. Each time they had a new baby they would move house it appears from the early records of their births and my grandmother had mentioned that they did move several times. They lived in the new housing areas of Birmingham which have now all been replaced by newer housing !

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