Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympics and Blake family

Still watching Olympics most of the time and working on the Blake family a little of the time. I have completed about half of Cheshire marriages now between 1837 and the 1960s extracting the marriage partners from the census and then free bmd from 1912 on. This continues to be an enormous project with an even bigger one looming as I will then put families together with the births and deaths using the census and then the leap back into the 1700s where possible.

I have received two lots of Blake information from descendants that I have not yet worked through for which I apologize. The Olympics is a big item in my lifestyle. One of these days I hope to attend the Olympics and perhaps Rio is the time. We will see about that. I have never been to South America. I should have gone to Vancouver but we just didn't get to that. Neither of us like long lineups and the Olympics does tend to be about long lineups.

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