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Will of Alexander Blake, Timber Merchant of Southampton - National Archives PROB 11/531/294, probated 11 Feb 1713

From the IGI Alexander Blake was buried 7 Jun 1712 in Hampshire (RG6_1027 The genealogist co uk). Alexander the son of Alexander and Mary Blake was baptized 15 Sep 1706 (RG6_1027 IBID) (both from the non-conformist record indexes). I also found a record of one of Alexander's and Mary's other children: Hannah born 24 Jul 1704 Hampshire (RG6_1027 ibid). I have not yet found a child named "Massey" or a child named "Mary."

There was a John Futcher living in the Romsey/Southampton area with a marriage in the early 1690s from the Non-Conformist Record Indexes. Likewise an Abraham Messer living in a similar area to Alexander also from the Non-Conformist Record Indexes. Richard Burges is perhaps the eldest and he too was living in the Romsey area. All of these men are merchants or tradesmen. The three mentioned have families living in the Romsey and Southampton area.

If the children did survive to adult hood I have not yet found any records of their marriages that I can truly match to this family. What a sad story is contained in this will. Alexander and his wife dying and leaving their four children in the care of their fellow merchants and tradesmen.

No ideas yet on the parents of Alexander Blake.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 3 Oct 2012
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/531/294
Name of testator: Alexander Blake, Timber Merchant
Place: Southampton, Hampshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated:, 7 Apr 1712, probated 11 Feb 1713
Read: Electronic file images
Condition: modern English, 18th century, clear copy
[In margin] T[esta]m[ent]
[In margin] Alexander Blake

1    I Alexander Blake of the Town and
2    County of South[amp]ton Merchant being sick and weake in
3    body (but through the mercies of almighty God) of sound mind
4    perfect sense and disposing memory do make and declare my last
5    Will and Testament in manner following (that is to say) First
6    I desire my friend John Futcher of Romsey Extra in the
7    County of South[amp]ton Clothyer Thomas Curtis of the said Town
8    and County of South[amp]ton Salesman Abraham Messer of the said
9    Town and County Currier and Richard Burges of Romsey Extra
10    aforesaid Clothier to take care that my body be decently interred
11    in Christian like manner And as for my Worldly Estate I dispose
12    thereof as follows Imprimis I give and bequeath unto my
13    daughter Mary Blake a peice of old Gold a Silver Chain and a
14    Bible all which were her deceased Mothers Item I give and
15    bequeath All that my Messuage or Tenement with the Backside
16    outhousing and appurtenances thereunto belonging scituate
17    lying and being on the South side of the Castle Lane within the
18    said Town and County of South[amp]ton now in the possession of
19    Daniel Pennington and his assigns unto the said John Futcher
20    Thomas Curtis Abraham Messer and Richard Burges and to
21    their heirs and assigns to be by them sold and disposed of for the
22    best price or prices that can be got for the same and the  moneys
23    arising by the sale thereof to be by them applyed towards the
    [Page 2]
24    payment of my debts defraying my Funerall Expences and the
25    educating and breeding up of all my children Item all the rest
26    of my Goods Chattells Shipping and all other my Estate Reall and
27    personall whatsoever I give devise and bequeath unto them the
28    said John Futcher Thomas Curtis Abraham Messer and Richard
29    Burgis and to their heirs Executors administrators and assigns
30    to be by them sold and dispossed of to the best advantage that can
31    be got for the same and every part thereof and the moneys arising
32    by the sale of the same to be by them appropriated towards the
33    payment of my debts discharging my Funerall Expences and for
34    and towards the breeding maintaining and educating of all my
35    children as aforesaid untill they shall attaine to their respective
36    ages of one and twenty years And my will and meaning is that
37    the overplus of all my Estate after my debts and Funerall
38    Expences are paid and defrayed and all my children bred up to
39    their respective ages of one and Twenty years apeice shall be
40    divided amongst my three youngest children viz[ a vi]t Alexander
41    Massey and Hannah Blake or so many of them as shall attaine
42    to their said ages of one and Twenty years untill their and each
43    of their Shares shall amount unto fourty pounds apeice and the
44    Remainder (if any shall be after that) I will shall be equally
45    shared and divided amongst all my four Children Mary Alexander
46    Massey and Hannah Blake or so many of them as shall attain
47    to their said ages of one and Twenty years And I do hereby
48    nominate and appoint the said John Futcher Thomas Curtis
49    Abraham Messer and Richard Burges Executors In Trust of
50    this my Will and Guardians to all my said Children with full
51    power and authority to educate breed up place and dispose them
52    each and every of them untill they each and every of them shall
53    attain to their said severall ages of one and twenty years apeice
54    as they the said John Futcher Thomas Curtis Abraham Messer
55    and Richard Burges their Executors and Administrators shall in
56    their discretions see fitting and convenient In witness whereof
57    revoking and making void all former and other Wills by me at any
58    time heretofore made I have hereunto set my hand and Seale
59    the seventh day of April in the Eleventh year of the Reigne of
60    Queene Anne of Great Britain etc Anno Domini 1712
61    Alex: Blake [signed] Signed sealed published and declared to be the last
62    Will and Testament of the said Alexander Blake in presence of
63    Arthur Atherley [signed] Jeremiah Dobey [signed] W: Waller [signed]

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