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Will of Elizabeth Blake, widow of Martin - SWRO P2/6 Reg/90D, probated 7 Apr 1583

Elizabeth Blake is widowed with three daughters, Agnes married to John Gerrett, Margaret and Katherine. They live at Marten as did Agnes Blake (blog:  with her son John and daughters Elizabeth and Syblye. This is twenty one years after Agnes Blake wrote her will. It will be interesting reading all these wills to see if I can put the families together in these villages in Wiltshire. The will of Elizabeth's husband John will be transcribed in about a week.

I found it interesting that Margaret the youngest daughter is listed as an executor as I always thought it was necessary to be 21 to be an executor but this will is from 1583 and it could be that juris prudence had not moved along quite that far with regard to age of executor. Perhaps it was sort of like lease on lives where you choose very very young people to be the individuals named in a lease to give that lease its longest run.

At Martin there was Allenford Farm and Tidpit a tything in the parish of Martin.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 17 Oct 2012
Source:  Swindon and Wiltshire Record Office P2/6 Reg/90D
Name of testator: Elizabeth Blake, widow
Place: Marten, Wiltshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 30 Mar 1583, probated 7 Apr 1583
Read: Electronic file images
Condition: 16th century, middle English, clear copy (few smudges)
[Margin] Blake vid

1    In the name of god Amen, the xxx th day of March in the xxv th yere of
2    the reigne of o[u]r most gracious Sov[er]eigne Lady Quene Elizabeth etc
3    I Elizabeth Blake of Marten w[it]h[i]n the countie of Wiltes[hire] widde[w]
4    beinge sicke in body but of good and p[er]fecte memory, thanks be unto god
5    doe ordayne and make this my last will and testament in mann[er] and forme
6    folowinge viz [a vi]t First I bequeth and comytt my sowle into t[he ]hands
7    of Christ Jesus my only Savior and redem[er] And my body to be
8    buried in the churche yard of Marten aforsaid It[e]m I geve unto o[u]r
9    Lady Churche in Sa[lisbur]y vij d. And to o[u]r owne p[ar]ishe churche xij d
10    And to the poore people of Marten aforsaid three busshells of
    [Page 2]
11    barley It[e]m I geve and bequeth to my daughter Agnes Gerrett one brasse pott
12    and a littell barrell Item I geve and bequethe to my daughter Margarett Blake
13    fiftene sheepe one cowe and a bullocke Item unto my sonne in lawe John Garrett
14    upon condition that my execut[o]rs or their assigne or assignes shall or may
15    well quietly and peaceably w[i]thout any lawfull lett deniall  disturbance
16    contradiction eviction or evictions of him the said John Gerrett or Agnes
17    his wife or of any other p[er]son or p[er]sons whatsoev[er] by his or their assent
18    consent means knowledge surrender instigation or p[re]curement have
19    holde occupye useup possesse and enioy from the hower of my deathe unto the
20    feast of St Michaell Th[e ]archangell then next and [im]mediatly ensuinge
21    fully to be comple and ended All the corne w[hi]ch is alredy sowen and w[hi]ch hereafter
22    may be sowen unto the hower of my death aforsaid, in or upon the arrable
23    land p[er]tyninge or belonginge unto thes messuags or tent[ement]s nowe in
24    my teanure and holdinge Together w[i]th all and sing[u]ler the p[ro]ffitts
25    comodities and advantags unto the said corne so sowen and to be sowen in
26    mann[er] and forme aforsaid and to ev[er]y p[ar]te and p[ar]cell thereof  belonginge
27    or in any wise app[er]teyninge, I geve and bequethe one horse and one
28    payre of horse shwes and the dunge carte as he is and one
29    pillowe and two dishes and the blacke lynded heyse Item I geve
30    and bequeth unto my maide Isbut fower busshells of barley
31    And to Mother Bayly one peticote. Item I make and ordayne
32    my wel[l ]beloved in Christ George Weiks and John Prince to
33    be my ov[er]seers of this my last Will and Testament gevinge the[m]
34    xij s apice for their paynes All the rest of my goods moveable
35    and unmoveable unbequethed and not geven (my debts paid my body
36    buried my fun[er]all expenses discharged) and all things conteyned in
37    this my last will and testament duly p[er]formed levied and executed
38    accordinge to the trewe purporte and playne meaninge there (in
39    all things) I geve and bequeth unto Margarett Blake and
40    Katheryn Blake my daughters whom I make my full and
41    whole executrixs Also I will that George Weits and John
42    Prince shall have the governance of my daughter M[ar]gerett and of her
43    portion. Th[o]se bearinge Witnes Richard Wall Clerk George Weiks
44    and John Prince

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