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Will of John Blake of Stoweford, South Newton - SWRO P2/5 Reg/160A, probated 20 Mar 1572

Another will by a John Blake at Stowford, South Newton but dated 9 Mar 1572. John is older as he is mentioning grandchildren in his will. John Blake's will at Stowford South Newton was dated 1545/46 (missing probate) and he mentions his son John and his son Thomas and wife Edith. Perhaps this is that John's son John now writing his will and it is 26 years later. That will be an interesting linkage of the generations.

John the current testator mentions his children John his eldest son and William and Thomas  and also his daughter Johan (perhaps married to Jeffrey Aben), his eldest daughter Alyce Blake (married with children) and another daughter (probably deceased) with a daughter Grace. John and Thomas his sons both have children. He has a son in law Jeffrey Aben (short form but will have to work at the full name). Another grandson John Aben and he is also his godson. Jeffrey's wife's name is not mentioned but possibly Johan.

This John Blake is in the wool business and that was where money was to be made certainly in this century and the centuries following. The earlier wills in this area both by a John Blake will be an interesting match. The will of John Blake probated 1553/54 is John Blake husbandman but does not say that he is of Stowford only of South Newton nor does he have a son John his sons being Walter, Gylys, William, Edward and Robert. The will of the John Blake at Stowford probated 1545/46 (no probation lines on the will so the year the will was written is used as mentioned by the Record Office) again mentions sheep as the primary wealth. That particular John Blake has sons Thomas (with son Robert) and John. Are these two John's related that live at South Newton? It is possible that the father of this John (current testator) is John Blake whose will was said to be probated in 1545/46.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 19 Oct 2012
Source:  Swindon and Wiltshire Record Office P2/5 Reg/160A
Name of testator: John Blake
Place: Stowforde, South Newton, Wiltshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 9 Mar 1572, probated 20 Mar 1572
Read: Electronic file images
Condition: 16th century, middle English, copy bleeding through from page opposite
[Margin] Blake

1    In the name of god Amen The ix th day of Marche Anno D[o]m[ini] a thousande fyve hundred
2    threescore and twelve I John Blake of Stowforde in the parryshe of South
3    Newton beinge sycke in bodye and p[er]fett of remembrance thanks be to god do make
4    my laste will and testament in manner and forme folowinge Firste I bequeathe my
5    sowle to almyghtie god and my bodye to be buryed in Christyan buryall It[e]m I geve
6    to the poore mens boxe of South Newton vi d It[e]m I geve to my parrayshe churche of
7    Newton a weather sheape It[e]m I gyve to Johan Elyott fouer weather sheape and an
8    yerlenge It[e]m I gyve to grace my dawghters childe fower weather sheape and a
9    yerlenge It[e]m I gyve to John Blake my eldiste sonnes childen eche of them a lamb
10    It[e]m I gyve to my sonne Thomas Blake chylde a lambe It[e]m I gyve to Alyce
11    Blake my eldiste dawghters children eche of them a Lambe It[e]m I gyve to
12    my dawyghter Johans Chylderen eche of them a Lambe It[e]m I geve to Alice
13    Movne a Lambe It[e]m I geve to Thomas Blake and Will[ia]m Blake a pyle of
14    Clystes by the streate yeate It[e]m I gyve to Thomas my sonne a whitche
15    a heiffer of twoo yere olde halfe a score of weather sheape and three halfes
16    of wheate in brockfurlande It[e]m I gyve to Jherom yonge a Lambe It[e]m I geve
17    to Jeffrey Aben my sonne in lawe three busshells of wheate and halfe an acre
18    of wheate lyinge in the bottom It[e]m I geve to Will[ia]m Blake the beste bedd w[i]th
19    th[e ]app[ur]ten[an]cs therto belonginge a brasse pott a panne a littell cawldron halfe
20    a dosen of pewter dishes and a candelsticke It[e]m I gyve to John Blake and
21    Will[ia]m Blake xl s that Alixender Pearcy owethe me It[e]m I geve  to John
22    Hughes clerke a weather sheape It[e]m I gyve all the reste of my woole
23    to John Blake save one cartloade that John shall delyver to his brother 
24    Will[ia]m Blake It[e]m I gyve to John Aben my dawghters chylde and my godson
25    a hogg of a yere olde All the reste of my goods bothe moveable and unmoveable
26    I gyve to John Blake and Will[ia]m Blake whom I do make my full executo[r]s
27    of this my laste will and testament to see my debts payde my legacies fulfylled
28    and p[er]formed and also to bwoye the yard lande where John Blake now dwellithe
29    for Will[ia]m Blake my sonne w[i]th the aforsayd goods Also I do ordayne and
30    constitute my wel[l ]beloved in christe Will[ia]m Bonldye and John Love to be
31    my overseers of this my laste will and testament to whom I do gyve in
32    consyderacions of their paynes eche of them a weather sheape In wytnes
33    wherof thes p[er]sons hereafter named Mr Walter Bonan Mr Will[ia]m Hinde
34    p[er]son of Wisheforde Ralffe Wrighte and Thomas Kingman p me Johem Hughes

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