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Will of Mary Blake of Portsea - National Archives PROB 11/1829/430, probated 12 Apr 1834

Another will by an unmarried sister (at least she appears to be) and Mary Blake does not really leave clues as to her age although her brothers are married with children.

An interesting legacy is the first one given to Lucy Scrivenor. The only Lucy Scrivener (no one with the spelling Scrivenor) I found was 74 years old on the 1851 census at Portsea. She appears to be independent and also living in the same house Henry W Lock who is unmarried and a joined and there is a nurse Elizabeth Thomas (55 years of age) visiting. All members of the household were born at Portsea. Lucy Scrivener died sep quarter 1854 at Portsea (Free BMD). This Lucy was probably the daughter of Thomas Scrivener and Elizabeth and she was baptized 29 Nov 1778 at Saint Marys Portsea. Her father Thomas likely died 8 Nov 1820 at Portsea at the age of 86 years (bc 1734 I04385-7 Family Search). The marriage of Thomas Scrivener and Elizabeth Wakeford was located 28 Oct 1760 at Saint Thomas Portsmouth M0625-3 Family Search.  They baptize six children between 1762 and 1783. No sign of a Blake connection but I did not search back prior to the marriage of Thomas and Elizabeth.

This family consists of John, Mary and Richard Blake all siblings. Richard has a daughter Sophia but could not locate her on Family Search. Once I have completed all of these wills I will go back and look at the Portsea Blake wills to see if there is a link between the Blake families there.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 9 Oct 2012
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/1829/430
Name of testator: Mary Blake
Place: Portsea, Hampshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated:, 25 Dec 1833, probated 12 Apr 1834
Read: Electronic file images
Condition: modern English, 19th century, fairly clear copy
[In margin] Mary
[In margin] Blake
[In margin] 4 p

1    The last Will and Testament of me Mary
2    Blake of the Town of Portsea in the County of Southampton 1st I give and
3    bequeath to Lucy Scrivenor the sum of thirty pounds now standing on Ring
4    St Chapel Portsea 2. I give and bequeath to Sophia Blake my Brother
5    Richard's daughter the sum of fifty pounds now standing on Buckland
6    Chapel 3 I give and bequeath to my Brother John Blake or his heirs
    the sum of one hundred and Sixty pounds on mortgage on a piece of
7    Land and dwellinghouse West St Moscow Buildings near Hyde Park Corner
8    Portsea belonging to John William Moore Also one hundred and seventy
9    five pounds now standing in the Bank of England in my name Also all
10    my household Furniture Goods plate and Linen 4 I give and bequeath to my
11    Brother Johns daughter all my wearing apparel to be equally divided
12    5 I do hereby make and appoint my brother Johne Blake Executor of
13    this my last Will and Testament Given under my hand and seal this 25
14    day of December one thousand eight hundred and thirty three Mary Blake [signed]
15    [seal] Witness Jas. Crafter [signed] Geo Crafter [signed]
16    Proved at London 12th April 1834 before the Judge by the Oath of
17    John Blake the Brother the sole Executor to whom Admon was granted having
18    been first sworn by Com[mis]ion duly to administer

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