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Will of Maud Blake of Stoverd, South Newton - SWRO P2/8 Reg/307, probated 28 Oct 1616

Maude Blake, widow, tells us a great deal about herself in this will but does not name her husband which would have been helpful She names her children Henry, Severan (possibly), John and Robert. She names Robert Blake with sons Thomas and John, William Blake with sons Henry and daughters Anne, Mary, Henry Blake with sons William and Henry and daughters Gyles and Francis, John Blake with daughters Elizabeth and Anne,

There is a William Blake who married Maude Downe 2 Nov 1591 at Great Wishford, Wiltshire (M15228-1 Family Search).  Since Maude is remembering a Robert Blake, a Henry Blake, a John Blake and a William Blake with various children, I wonder who all these men are with respect to her possible husband William Blake.There is a John Blake who married Mawde Heward Nov 1558 at Great Wishford (M15228-1 Family Search) but suspect that that would be too far back as Maude (testator) would likely have been around 20 at marriage or less thus having her born by or after 1538 and hence 78 when her will was written. Not impossible though so worth noting.

In the will of John Blake of Stoweford probated 20 Mar 1572 he names his sons John, William and Thomas with John having sons William and Thomas and Thomas with children unmentioned.

In the Will of John Blake husbandman of South Newton probated 6 Feb 1553/54 he mentions his sons Walter, Gylys, William, Edward and Robert. This testator had as witnesses to his will John Blake the elder and John Blake the younger.

The will of John Blake of Stooloford probated1545/46 has him married to Edyth with two sons Thomas and John. Thomas has a son Robert. The testator mentions Robert Blake carpenter at South Newton but no relationship stated.

This has possibilities in that the Blake males mentioned as sons of Maude were: Robert, William, Henry and John.

Still to come are the wills of Richard Blake, 1572, Thomas Blake 1550, 1565, 1573, 1584, William Blake 1538, 1545, and 1610. This set of wills has actually come along quite well. When I acquired them about eight years ago I found them very difficult reading. They are still difficult as wills in the 15th century seem to be using a different alphabet and language but having done so much in the 1500s and 1600s now I find it easier. Taking a course in Palaeography really worked very well for me.

I can see now that I could have separated these wills into locations and worked on them by year but my tendency is to be logical and so working alphabetically worked very well for me and I can still work back and forth looking at them. The advantage is time; each time I read one of these wills I see something else that helps me to look at them with the thought of finding something common between them. However, one can see that the Blake family at South Newton in particular is very very large in 1641 - 25% of the community roughly and this continues and in 1841 they are about 20% of the community.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 22 Oct 2012
Source:  Swindon and Wiltshire Record Office P2/8 Reg/307
Name of testator: Maud Blake
Place: Stoverd, South Newton, Wiltshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 1 Jul 1616, 28 Oct 1616
Read: Electronic file images
Condition: early 17th century, middle English, copy bleeding through
[Margin] Blake 307

1    In the name of
2    God Amen, I Maud
3    Blake of Stoverd in the p[ar]ishe of
4    Southnewton sicke in body but whole and
5    p[er]fect of mind thanks bee unto God doe
6    make this my last will and testament in manner
7    and forme following: First I give and committ my
8    soule into the hands of Allmightie God my
9    Creator and doe trust to bee saved throughe
10    his free mercy by the onely means and
11    merrits of Jesus Christ my savio[u]r and bequeathe
12    my bodey to bee buried w[i]thin the Churchyard
13    of Southnewton in sure and certeine hope of
14    a ioyfull resurrecton Item I give unto Joane
15    Adlame  five pounds thirtene shillings and fower
16    pence of good and lawfull money and one flockbedd
17    and a blew cov[er]led and one brasse panne the
18    best faveinge one and a bell skillett Item
19    I give unto Dorathe Adlame five pounds
20    thirtene shillings and 4 d in good and lawfull
21    money Item I give unto Mary Adlame
22    five pounds thirteene shillings and fower pence
23    of good and lawfull money to bee paide unto them
24    w[i]thin halfe a yeare after my decease: Item I
25    give unto John Blake the eldest sonne of
26    Robert Blake one redd cowe Item I give
27    unto Robert Adlam one sparked cowe. Item
28    I give William Blake the sonne of Henry
29    Blake the little white faced cowe. Item I
30    give unto Anne Blake and Mary Blake
31    twenty shillings a peece and each of them one
32    platter and one pottinger a peece of Item I
33    give unto Giles Blake and Francis Blake the
    [Page 2]
34    daughters of Henry Blake twenty shillings a=
35    peece and each of them one platter and one pottinger
36    Item I give unto John Blakes two maydes
37    First I give unto Elizabeth Blake my feather
38    bedd and one bolster and my coffer standing at my
39    beds feete Item I give unto Anne Blake a
40    white cov[er]led the best and a blanket and two sheetes
41    a pillow and a lye for the pillow Item I give
42    unto Robert Blakes two sonnes I give Thomas
43    Blake one sheepe and unto John Blake one
44    sheepe Item I give unto Henry Blake the
45    sonne of Henry Blake one sheepe and one yeareling
46    bullocke Item I give unto my sonne Henry
47    Blake one aker of wheate and one aker of barley
48    growing in the field a cov[er]ledd a paire of blankets
49    and a paire of sheetes and a boulster and a brasse pott
50    and half my wooll in the backside and half my
51    wheate and halfe my maulte that is in the
52    howese at my decease and one little Cowle and a
53    beerell and an yearelinge bullchett one cov[er]ledd
54    that is upon the childrens bed and my greate
55    hogge pigge and a flitch of bacon and a muilinge pigge
56    a shede board bloke and each of your maides
57    one platter and a pottinger Item I give unto
58    John Blake my sonne all the thirds of my
59    corne growinge in the fielde and two meaweling
60    piggs and a flitch of bacon and a board bloke  Item
61    I give unto Soveran Blake a blacke trendell
62    and a bowell and a barrell and a brasse kittle and a brasse
63    skillett and a platter and a pottinger Item I give
64    unto my sonne John Blakes wife my best
65    gowen lyned w[i]th blew and a smocke and a double
66    kerrcher and a hollen apron Item I give unto
67    Henry Blakes wife my next best gowne and
68    a smocke and an apron and a kerrcher Item I
69    give unto Marrian Lane my best redd
70    petticoate and a smocke and a kerrcher and an apron
71    and a s[ki]llett and a meuling pigge Item I give
72    unto Lanes three children each of them one
73    sheepe Item I give unto the Cathedrall Church
74    of Sarum xij d Item I give unto my p[ar]ish of
75    Southnewton three shillings and fower pence
76    Item I give unto greate Wisheford church xij d
    [Page 3]
77    Item I give unto Henry Blakes two maides
78    Francs and Gyles my three wearinge coates
79    twoo of them to Gyles and one to Francis
80    Item I give unto John the tacker my
81    best candlesticke. Item I give to Henry
82    Blakes two sonnes William Blake and
83    Henry Blake each of them one candlesticke
84    And I appoint George Symes John
85    Horne and Henry Plenty Ov[er]seers of this
86    my last will and testament and I doe give
87    them three shillings and fower pence apeece
88    Item I give unto Mawdelin Blake my
89    white fustian wascoate and to Thomas
90    Abbott my blew wascoate Item I give
91    unto Thomas Lane my best cloake All
92    the rest of my Goods moveable and unmoveable
93    I give and bequeath unto Robert Blake
94    my sonne whom I make my sole and onely
95    Executor of this my last will and testament
96    written the first of July 1616 Maude
97    Blake her marke Witnes George
98    Symes John Horne John Plentie

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