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Will of Stephen Blake, Yeoman, Milton - The National Archives PROB 11/289/582, probated 2 Apr 1659

A Steven Blake was baptized 29 Oct 1609 at Romsey father John Blake (C13669-1 Family Search). In the will below Stephen identifies himself as the son of John Blake. Romsey however is 24 miles distant from Goore, Milton. On the 23 Apr 1658 Stephen Blake was buried at Milton, Hampshire.

I found in the catalogue of the National Archives (UK) and held at Southampton Archives Services:

SC 4/6/292/5 William Perry of Milford, clerk, Roger Tulse of Ashley in Milton, gent., and Roger Meservice of Milton, yeoman, to Bridget Parkinson to pay £20 16s. 3 October 1634.

Verification of the spelling of this name in the will is certainly nice to find.

An interesting will and working with the Wiltshire wills may help to link these families. This is the first noncupative will that I have transcribed. A Nuncupative Will being a verbal will with two witnesses and can only deal with the distribution of personal property. Generally considered a "deathbed" will and so provides a safety net for individuals met by sudden terminal illness/accident who do not have time or ability to draft a written will. In this case Stephen has appointed his father as Executor and it is his father and the wife of John Newland that are witnesses to this will.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 15 Oct 2012
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/289/582
Name of testator: Stephen Blake, Yeoman
Place: late Goore, Milton, Hampshire, England
Type of Record: Nuncupative Will
Dated: 20 Apr 1658, probated 2 Apr 1659
Read: Electronic file images
Condition: middle English, 17th century,  fairly clear copy
[In margin] Stephen
[In margin] Blake

1    Be it remembered, That on, or
2    about the twenty day of Aprill in the yeare of our Lord God, One
3    thousand six hundred fifty, and eight. Stephen Blake late Goore within
4    the parish of Wilton, in the County of South[amp]ton yeoman, being sicke in body, but
5    of sound, and p[er]fect memorie, did make, and ordayne his Will Nuncupative
6    or by Word of mouth in effect as followeth. First he gave the land which he
7    last purchased or Roger Meservice lyeing within the parish aforesaid
8    unto his onely sonne Stephen Blake and his heires, and assignes forever
9    And appointed that his father John Blake th[e ]elder should receive, and take
10    the profits of the said lands until the said Stephen Blake his sonne should
11    come to the age of one and twenty yeares, and out of the profits thereof should
12    rayse the summe of fifty pounds, to and for the use of Dorothie Blake his
13    daughter, and the residue thereof to remayne to the said Stephen the infant
14    Where he gave to the said Dorothy his daughter thirty pounds to be paid by
15    his Executrix out of his p[er]sonall estate. Alsoe he made Dorothy his wife his
16    Executrix, and gave her all the rest of his goods, and Chattells whatsoever
17    which words, or words to the lyke effect he uttered, published, and declared
    [Page 2]
18    in the p[re]sence and hearing of diverse p[er]sons with an intent that the same should
19    stand for and be his last Will and Testament, and shortly afterwards dyed
20    Published, and declared in the hearing of us John Blake, ye wife of John Newland.
21    This Will was proved at London, the eighth day of Aprill, one thousand six
22    hundred fifty nine, before the Judges for probate of Wills etc, by the oath of
23    Dorothy the relict sole Executrix etc. To whom Admon  etc was committed she being
24    first by Commission sworne truely to administer etc.

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