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Will of Joseph Blake Mariner and Cooper of Whitechapel, Middlesex - National Archives PROB 11/330/282, probated 31 Jul 1669

Joseph Blake's will has been a very difficult transcription. There are still a number of blanks although the gist of the will is all there. A Mariner, Joseph Blake, is leaving his statement as he heads off but the ship on which he is sailing has not been named other than an S and then an And on the next line. It is possible that this is the full name of the ship with a couple of letters missing after the S and they could be "tr" but the writing is very very faint.

There is a marriage for William Langley and Hannah Blake 6 Oct 1646 at Holy Trinity Minories in London. This will is written twenty one years later.

I now move on to the single Blake will at Norfolk that I have. It was written by Thomas Blake of Swafham Market, Norfolk,  in 1506 and true to my first pursuit of Blake wills I chose the oldest Blake will/wills in each county.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded:  22 Nov 2012
Source: The National Archives PROB 11/330/282
Testator: Joseph Blake, Mariner and Cooper of Whitechapel
Place: Middlesex, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 13 Jan 1667, probated 31 Jul 1669
Read: Electronic copy images
Condition: middle English writing too light in spots to transcribe clearly but otherwise good

[Margin] T[esta]m[ent]
[Margin] Josephi
[Margin] Blake

1    Know all men by these presents That
2    I Joseph Blak of Lower Wappin and parish of Mary White Chappell al[ia]s
3    Matfellen in the County of Midd[lesex] Marriner and Coop[er] Being bound out on S-
4    and not knowing how T[he ]Almighty god may dispose of mee I doe soe
5    and for divers other causes and valuable ______ now thereunto monting
6    I doe hereby these partes Assigne ordaine depute and put in my steed and place I
7    doe nominate constitute and appoint my trusted and wellbeloved Mother dorothie
8    Blake and Anna Langly, my sister wife of William Langle of the same place as
9    aforesaid Watterman, To bee my true and lawfull Attorney deputie and Assignee
10    Irevocable for mee and in my name and steed and to my sole use To alsoe issue
11    Recover and to receive of any person or persons whatsoever All and Singuler such
12    debts rents wages bills lends debt _____ dutjes _____ Trustts pensions Legacies or
13    any summe or summes of money now due and oweing unto mee or hereafter shall become
14    due or owing unto mee the said Joseph Blake for any service done and performance in
15    the Kinges most Excellent Ma[jesti]es Service As in Merchante affaires Giveing and by mye
16    parts granting unto my said Mothere Dorothy Blake and Anna Langle aforesaid
17    by vertue of these presents my full power and Authoritie in and about the possession
18    yf need shall require to use upon implied condi[t]ione and Imprison every of my
19    debtors aforesaid And them or any of them out of prison deliver or cause to bee
20    delivered and upon the Receipt of any summe of money either in part or in hole soe
21    received for my use or any of the purposes ye think Do give Acquitt ____or any other
22    Assignes in the Law for the same as mee and in my name and _________________
23    me deliver as my Good and ____ or more ___ make and
24    and the same ___ And all and every ___ or things ___ as
25    ___ some in or alone the ____ by trustee or their persons
26    and __ at and whatsoever __ said ___ shall soe
27    done in or about this same But yf it shall please Almighty God I shall die
28    and  ___ I will and this my note intended
29    mynde will and _____ is I being of a sound minde and a perfect memorie
30    praesed bee God for the same I doe hereby ______ of these presents make this
31    my last Will and Testament In manner and forme following vi[z a vi]t I commend
32    my Soule unto God my maker hopeing to bee Saved by the alone merritts of Jesus
33    Christ my alone Saviour and Redeemer And as for all my worldie goods I am
34    owner of or soon or any waies or meanes I shall become owner of here after
35    I doe hereby give unto my said Mother and Sister above named making them
36    my sole Executrixes of all and singular the premisses aforesaid in whose hand
    [Page 2]
37    Custody and possession they may or shall bee found either of such my whole hands
38    either in shipp or shipps or one the shore to become whollie theres there Executors
39    and administrators by vertue of this my will Giveing unto all my Relations
40    kindred or any other person that shall lay any claime Title w[ith]/Interest to the
41    same Estate or any part thereof, six pence a peece In witnes Whereof I have
42    hereunto this put writing put to my hand and seale This Thirteenth day
43    of January Anno d[o]m[in]i One Thousand Six hundred Sixty Seaven And in the
44    Nineteenth yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord the King Charles the 2
45    of England Scotland France and Ireland Defender of the faith etc Joseph Blake
46    Signed sealed and delivered in the p[rese]nce of us Joanna Butler her marke
47    William Ambrose Scr

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