Saturday, January 19, 2013

New header for the Blake one name study website

Barrie Blake has kindly shared his image of Blake crests to put on the Blake one name study website.

Barrie has done a vast amount of work on the Blake family and his sharing of this particular image gives a very nice look to the website. Thank you very much Barrie.

I am thinking about the My Heritage website and how I will display the Blake trees that presently exist in my legacy files. I have to learn how to use the website and what information it will display and then I will be able to upload gedcoms of particular trees.

I am also about 2/3 rds of the way through the Calendar of Patent Rolls material that I captured into a word file. I am producing an excel file of the material and it will be up on the website in its entirety and I will post a section of it on my blog. I found it most interesting with respect to the locations where the Blake family is found from the early 1200s to the mid 1400s.

I need to do some reading on the Norman Invasion of England. I have a good historical understanding of the invasion itself and its consequences but I am interested in the folklore that has sprung up from this invasion with regard to individuals who are said to have come with William the Conqueror. This is primarily because le Blake was used initially as the surname of the Blake family leading one to suspect that they came over from France to England. France adopted surnames earlier than the British Isles. I also want to investigate Irish folklore to see if I can determine when Blake was first found as a surname in Ireland. I suspect it was when Strongbow (Earl of Pembroke) was set to the task of assisting the deposed King of Leinster who asked for the assistance of the Henry II, King of England in regaining his throne in the 1160s. The mere fact that the Blake surname existed so early on and as le Blake is certainly very interesting.

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