Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hiatus of one week

Starting today I am taking  a break for about a week while we do some gardening cleanup and exterior painting. I also note that one of the upcoming wills which I have transcribed is for Malachi Blake which fits right into the will of Elizabeth Blake of Blandford. The sleuthing that I did for her will proved to be right on as the father of Elizabeth Blake was the Reverend Malachi Blake. Soon to follow is the will of the brother of Elizabeth, William Blake, and his will is nearly twenty pages long. I will work away at these wills and be publishing them when I return to blogging.

Have a great and safe Labour Day weekend to any of my readers. This is our celabratory weekend to mark a day for workers and the end of Summer and for some children return to school on the Tuesday following Labour Day Monday. The Roman Catholic schools are already back one week but the public schools do not return until after Labour Day.

It is a warm day here over 30 degrees celsius but already the shadows are getting longer and longer mid afternoon as the long nights return. The early nights let me transcribe in the evenings which is great for my research. Plus it is generally very cold outside yielding quite a bit of research time throughout the Canadian winter months which we consider to start end of September and finish end of April!

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