Thursday, August 29, 2013

More Blake Wills to Transcribe

I found another 101 Wills for Blake members in the Greater London Wills and will add them to my total number of Blake wills to transcribe. Also found were another dozen Wills from Dorset for Blake that will add to the information on the Blake line at Melbury Abbas and Blandford.

I must continue to hunt out these wills as I intend that my time as Blake one name study researcher will see as many of the wills of the Blake family transcribed as it is possible to do. When they are complete then I intend to create an *.pdf of all of them and put them up on Internet for any future Blake researcher to use as they see fit. It is possible that I would do such a project by county as there are a lot of wills for the Blake family in the British Isles.

To them I will add reconstructed family trees in as much as possible.

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