Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wills to transcribe

Blake 633 (includes 7 only for which no place is indicated)
Abbs 1
King 17
Kingdon 1
Kip 3
Locke 7
Burges 1
Butt 1
Carter 3
Chorley-Churley-Charley 15
Coffin 3
Kent 10
Knight 2
Lambden 5
Lywood 4
Millin 3
Moggeridge-Modridg-Moggridge 12
Question 3
Quirke 1
Rawlings-Rawlins 12
Robson 2
Rolles 3
Routledge 5
Rowcliffe 6
Siderfin 3
Snowe 5
Tapp 1
Thomas 3
Upcott 3
Vicary 6

Total wills to transcribe 25 Aug 2013 - 774

Estimated time to complete is dependent on the Blake as the others will just fit in on their particular research day. The plan was to be finished by next year at this time which is probably somewhat ambitious so will aim to be done by the end of 2014.

I also have 21 sets of images which tend to be one to ten pages (ledger size paper or larger) which is primarily about my one name studies - Blake or Pincombe.

Easily I have three years or more of transcription just on these documents which we filmed at the National Archives. I already have purchased material that I have barely looked at so I estimate it will take me five years to get through everything but the really intensive work on wills should be complete in a year and four months which then lets me spend full time working on family charts.

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