Thursday, August 1, 2013

Windows 8 and Mozilla Thunderbird email program

It has taken a couple of days but I have now (with the help of my daughter) converted my Windows Mail on Vista to Mozilla Thunderbird on my Windows 8 computer. It was fairly straightforward but I had 22,000 emails to move many with attachments. Moving the contacts was a bit more difficult because of the naming of the metadata but all accomplished now.

I had a number of emails to reply to and they have simply sat these three months which is unfortunate. I spent the day working on a project from that time period and it is now accomplished so back to my own work once again. I have about 30 emails that are a must do and will work away at them. I have missed a couple of marriage challenges because I was just too busy to prepare for them. Another time perhaps in the future.

The summer is passing quickly and the garden starting to thin out. Our tomatoes should soon be ripening and we had a feast of raspberries at the time. The carrots are fattening and lots of brocolli and zucchini. We do not grow as much as we used to. Our green beans tasted great with a brocolli and ham quiche for dinner.

I want to start to plan my fall research over the next week or so and set up my daily schedule once again to look at family names for an hour each day. One hour for our son in law's French Canadian ancestors and one hour for my ancestors other than Pincombe and Blake. They get more time than that each day because they are my one-name-studies.

I also need to get ready for our presentation on one name studies at the BIFHSGO Conference in September. We are doing a panel on Success with one name studies. Although Blake is a huge project worldwide and I can only make a small dent in the Blake information in my lifetime, I have already achieved some of my goals with the project and more on that at the Conference.

Some of my goals for this winter are:

Working on the Abbots Ann parish registers transcriptions

Continuing with the wills transcription project

Complete the legacy files for the Pincombe one name study in as much as I have the data. I would like to get these on My Heritage website along with the Blake trees that I have created.

Working on the Blake marriages from 1837 to 1950

Working on the paper for TAG on the Theophilus Blake family - most of this work is being done by others but I will combine it in their names and see if we can get it published

My living memory has served me well lately as I have been prowling back through some of my earlier blogs with some of the emails that I have received

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