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Post Mortem Inquisition - Elizabeth wife of John Blake Esquire 6 Nov 1459

I may at some point rework the title for this blog but for the moment I found an interesting document in

Somerset and Dorset Notes and Queries, edited by Frederic William Weaver and Charles Herbert Mayo,  volume 10, 1907 and printed by JC and AT Sawtell at Sherborne,  page 189

No. 125 Elizabeth, wife of John Blake, Esquire

Inquisition taken at Shirborne in co. Dorset 6 November, 38 Henry 6 [1459] before John Stanley, esquire, escheator, by the oath of John Fauntleroy, John Ibberd, William Hawkyns, John Frampton, John Coker, Thomas Russell, John Bayly, Thomas Pytte, John Trebell, Robert Verner, William Whytton and John Bridport, who say that Elizabeth Blake was the wife of John Blake, esquire, held on the day that she died the manor of Chaeleton Speytebury in the said clounty in her demesne as of fee: which said manor is held of the King by the service of the 8th part of a knight's fee, and is worth per annum clear, 5 marks.

The said Elizabeth died the last day of September last past; Robert Reugeborne is her son and next heir and is aged 21 years and more.

Chancery Inquisition post mortem 38-39 Henry 6 n 27

I found the reference to Sherborne rather interesting as the Blake family that was at Sherborne in the 1800s was blogged earlier, namely:

These two men were cousins and the father of Samuel Blake was Samuel Blake, Brandy merchant of Christchurch and his will was blogged:

I just found it rather interesting that there was a Blake family near Sherborne as early as 1459. It does lend credence to the idea that there were a number of distinct Blake lines very very early in the history of the British Isles. The idea that they are a singleton family is fast disappearing. But that doesn't take away from the significance of the Blake family as their involvement in the history of the British Isles is enormous.

I am wondering if there is a transcription error and it should read manor of Charleton Speytebury. Interesting that there was a Blake there so early. It is 12 miles to Sherborne from Spetisbury.

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