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Will of Ann Blake, Spinster, Lucknam, Wiltshire - The National Archives PROB 11/1709/467, probated 31 Mar 1826

Ann Blake is the testatrix. She lives at Lucknam which lies within the parish of Colerne with North Wraxall being 2.4 miles North, Castle Combe being 4 miles NNE and West Littleton lying 5 miles WNW.

There is a Blake family that has been placed online that lived at Tormarton, West Littleton and Marshfield and I have been entering this family into a Legacy file in case the webpage disappears. It is perhaps a collateral line to this particular one since I do not find any of the undernamed individuals in the website.

The marriage of William Blake and Elizabeth Davis took place 15 Aug 1774 at West Littleton and they had nine children (most of the lines are traced down so I do not think this couple is the particular ancestor of the grouping below). Marshfield is 4 miles WNW of Colerne and Tormarton is 6 miles NNW. I came across this webpage by chance and decided to capture it for the Blake one name study. I have not yet attempted to discover the parents of William Blake married to Elizabeth Davis but perhaps this would be a good way to look at this particular will.

There was a William Blake born at North Wraxall and baptized there 31 Jul 1743 son of Abraham and Frances Blake. An Abraham Blake married a Frances Brown in 1737 at North Wraxall (Family Search M15251-1). An Abraham Blake was baptized 2 May 1708 at North Wraxall son of William Blake.

Children baptized to Abraham and Frances Blake at North Wraxall:

Sarah baptized 7 May 1738
Elizabeth baptized 3 Aug 1740
William baptized 31 Jul 1743
Hannah baptized 10 Aug 1746
June Jane baptized 25 May 1749
Ann baptized 13 May 1753

Interestingly this does fit the family grouping in the will of Ann with brother William and sisters Sarah and Elizabeth (Hannah and June Jane are not mentioned). The publisher of the family history of the William Blake and Elizabeth Davis did not take his family further back but some genealogists look only at the descendants of a particular couple.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 23 Nov 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/1709/467
Testator: Ann Blake, Spinster
Place: Lucknam, Wiltshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 21 Feb 1820, probated 31 Mar 1826
Condition: 19th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: Ann
[Margin]: Blake
[Margin]: 4

1    I Ann Blake of Lucknam Wiltshire Spinster being of
2    sound disposing mind and memory do publish and declare this as my last Will and
3    Testament revoking all others in manner following viz I give and bequeath the
4    yearly Interest or dividend of the whole of my three percent consolidater
5    annuities equally between my brother and my two Sisters equally share and
6    share alike viz To William Blake of West Littleton laborer one third part for his
7    life and in case of his decease to his Wife for her life and to my Sister Elizabeth
8    Webb of Castle Combe Wilts Widow a third part for her life and to my Sister
9    Mary Bullock Wife of Edward Bullock of North Wraxall Labourer a third part
10    for her life and after her decease to descend to her husband for his life and should my
11    brother and his Wife had died first then their part to descend to the other two
12    Survivors if any Sister Eliz[abe]th Webb died first her part to descend to Mary Bullock and
13    my Brother and if my Sister Mary Bullock and her husband dies first then their
14    part to descend between my brother and Eliz Webb and when all the before
15    mentioned persons are deceased I give devise and bequeath one fourth part of my three
16    per cent consolidated Annuities between my brother William Blake’s children
17    equally share and share alike I give and bequeath the other fourth part or share
18    of my three per cent consols equally between my Sister Eliz[abe]th Webbs children share
19    and share alike Likewise I give and bequeath another fourth part or share of
20    my three per cent consols equally between my Sister Mary Bullocks children
21    share and share alike and the other fourth part or share I give and bequeath
22    to my three Nephews Will[ia]m Wait Henry Wait and George Wait all of North Wraxall
23    equally between them share and share alike In Witness whereof I have put my
24    hand and seal this twenty first day of February in the Year of our Lord One thousand
25    Eighteen hundred and twenty Ann Blake Signed Sealed and
26    delivered in the presence of Witness John Tippett Jane Tippett
27    On 31st March 1826 Administration with the Will annexed of the Goods Chattels and
28    Credits of Ann Blake late of Lucknam in the County of Wilts Spinster deceased was granted
29    to Mary Bullock (wife of Edward Bullock) the Sister and one of the next of kin being first sworn
30    by Commission duly to Administer No Executor or Residuary Legatee
31    On the 2nd day of June 1848 Admon (with the Will annexed) of the Goods Chattels
32    and Credits of Ann Blake late  of Lucknam in the County of Wilts Spinster deceased
33    left unad[ministere]d by a Mary Bullock, Wife of Edward Bullock) deceased whilst living the
34    natural and lawful Sister and one of the next of kin of the said deceased was granted to
35    William Wait the lawful Nephew and one of the persons entitled in distribution to the
36    undisposer of Residuary Personal Estate and effects of the said deceased having been first
37    sworn by Commission duly to Administer. No Executor or Residuary Legatee named
38    in the said Will. William Blake and Elizabeth Webb Widow the natural and lawful
39    Brother and Sister and only other next of kin of the said deceased having died without having
40    taken upon themselves the Letters of Admon with the said Will annexed of the Goods
41    left unad[ministere]d of the said deceased

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