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Will of Ann Blake, Spinster, New Sarum, Wiltshire - The National Archives PROB 11/1531/151, probated 11 Mar 1812

Ann Blake, Spinster, is the testatrix for this will. I found a tree online for the Kitson family which suggests that the parents of Margaret Blake, sister of Ann, were John Blake and Sarah Cartwright. I have not been able to verify this information. Ann has a brother Robert and two sisters Henrietta and Margaret.

Margaret Blake married the Reverend Edward Addicott Kitson (born circa 1773 and son of Reverend Walter Kitson and Martha Addicott) and Reverend Kitson was vicar of Clyst of St Lawrence and St Mary Church, Torquay. According to Find My Past Edward Addicott Kitson married Margaret Blake 25 Jun 1798 at Salisbury St Martin and they were both 26 years of age and Edward was of Clyst St Lawrence, Devon. The Bondsman was John Henry Jacob Clerk Salisbury Close (licence 21 Jun 1798). Children for this couple named in the World Connect database for the Kitson family:

Walter Cartwright
John Thomas

Henrietta Blake married the Reverend Charles William Shuckburgh, Clerk of Downton, Wiltshire at the time of his decease as he has left a will in 1833. I may purchase this will but for the moment will see what I can discover about Henrietta and her husband. They were married at Saint Martin, Salisbury 16 July 1798 according to Find My Past (license 14 July 1798). He was of the parish of Salisbury Close, Wiltshire and 26 years of age and Henrietta was 23 years of age. This was from the Sarum Marriage Licence Bonds. Robert James Carr, Clerk, Salisbury Close was bondsman. 

Another online tree also suggests that Henrietta’s father was the daughter of John Blake (also from A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain, Volume 2 by John Burke (free on Google Books - search on Charles William Shuckburgh)

This online tree suggests children (

Diana Christian
William Pigott
Robert Shirley
Charles Verney

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 22 Nov 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/1531/151
Testator: Ann Blake, Spinster
Place: New Sarum (Salisbury), Wiltshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 10 Feb 1808, probated 11 Mar 1812
Condition: 19th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: Ann
[Margin]: Blake

1    This is the last Will and Testament of me Ann
2    Blake of the City of New Sarum in the County of Wilts Spinster which I
3    make and ordain whilst I am of sound Mind Memory and Understanding
4    in manner following (that is to say) I give devise and bequeath unto the
5    Reverend Henry Jacob of the Close of New Sarum Clerk and my Brother
6    Robert Blake All those my Freehold and Leasehold Messuages or Tenements
7    and Gardens situate in the City of New Sarum aforesaid in a Street then called or
8    known by the Name of St Ann’s Street otherwise Tanner’s Street now
9    in the Occupation of my Mother and myself And also all that Freehold
10    Messuage or Ten[ament] in the City of New Sarum aforesaid situate at the
11    Corner of St Ann’s Street or Tanner Street and Drayhall Street or Exeter
12    Street with the appurt[ament]s thereto respectively belonging And which said
13    Freehold and Leasehold Messuages or Tenements I lately purchased of
14    the devisees named in the Will of my late Father deceased To hold the
15    same unto and to the use of the said Henry Jacob and Robert Blake their
16    heirs Exors Admors and Assigns according to my estate and Interest therein
17    respectively upon the Trusts herein after mentioned (that is to say|) upon
18    Trust to recovery sell and dispose of the same several Freehold and Leasehold
19    Messuages or Tenements and premises hereinbefore mentioned as soon as
20    may be after my decease in such manner and at such times as my
21    said Trustees shall see fit and as to the Money arising from such
22    Sale or Sales Upon Trust to pay and apply the same in such manner and for such
23    purposes as are hereinafter directed or and concerning the Residue of my
24    personal Estate And I hereby direct that the Receipt or Receipts of my
25    said Trustees and the Survivor of them his heirs Exors and Admors shall be
    [Page 2]
26    good and sufficient discharges from time to time to the respective purchasers
27    of my said Freehold and Leasehold Estates And such respective purchasers
28    shall not be obliged to see to the application thereof nor be answerable
29    for the Nonapplication of Misapplication of such purchase Monies
30    or of any part thereof Also I give devise and bequeath unto my Sisters
31    Margaret the Wife of the Reverend Edward Addicott Kitson and
32    Henrietta the Wife of the Reverend Charles William Shuckburgh all
33    my reversionary Estate and Interest after the decease of my Mother of and in
34    all that the Rectory and Manor of Poorstock in the County of Dorset held
35    by my late Father’s Trustees by Virtue of a devise in his Will upon the
36    Trusts therein mentioned. To hold the same unto and to the use of my said
37    Sisters their heirs and Assigns as Tenants in Common and not as joint
38    Tenants equally between them share and share alike I give unto my
39    said Trustees the Sum of twenty pounds each And as to all the rest
40    and residue of my personal Estate and Effects and of the Monies arising
41    from the Sale of my said Freehold and Leasehold Estates so made
42    Saleable by this my Will after payment of my debts Legacies and
43    Funeral Expences the Costs and Charges of proving this my Will and such
44    Costs and Charges as my said Trustees shall be put into in the
45    Execution of this my Will I give and bequeath the same to the said
46    Henry Jacob and Robert Blake and to the Survivor of them his Exors
47    Admors Upon Trust to pay and divide the same unto and equally between
48    my Nephews and Nieces Sons and daughters of my said Brother Robert Blake
49    and of my said two Sisters Margaret Kitson and Henrietta Shuckburgh
50    Share and Share alike and to their several and respective Exors and Admors And
51    I hereby authorize and direct my said Trustees to retain and reimburse themselves
52    out of my Estate and Effects All such Costs Charges and Expences which they
53    or either of them may be at sustain or be put unto in and about the such
54    Execution of the Trusts of this my Will And that neither of them shall be
55    answerable for the other of them or for the Acts deeds Receipts or
56    disbursements of the other of them but each of them for his own Acts
57    Receipts of disbursements only And I nominate and appoint the said
58    Henry Jacob and Robert Blake Exors of this my Will and I revoke and make
59    void all former Wills by me made and declare this only to be my last Will
60    and Testament In Witness whereof I have to this my last Will and Testament
61    contained in two Sheets of paper to the first Sheet whereof I have
62    set my hand and to this Sheet my hand and Seal the tenth day of
63    February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eight
64    Ann Blake Signed sealed published and declared by the said
65    Ann Blake the Testatrix as and for her last Will and Testament in the
66    presence of us who have subscribed our Names as Witnesses thereto
67    at her request in her presence and in the presence of each other Margaret
68    Blake Sally Rogers Chr: Millett
69    By this Codicil to the last Will and Testament of me
70    Ann Blake of the City of New Sarum Spinster I declare my Will and
71    Meaning to be that the several Shares of my Nephew’s and Nieces the
72    Children of my Brother and Sisters respectively of the produce to arise from the sale of my Freehold and Leasehold property in my said Will described
73    and also of the Residue of my personal Estate therein mentioned or any
74    of them shall not by Virtue of my said Will vest or become payable
75    or transferable until when and as every of them my said Nephews and
76    Nieces shall respectively attain the Age of twenty five years And in
77    case any of them shall happen to die under that Age without Issue
78    living at or born in due time after his her of their deaths respectively
79    then the Share or respective Shares of him her of them so dying shall
80    go and be transferrable and payable to the Survivors or Survivor of them
81    of them But if any or either of them dying under the said age
82    shall leave or have any such Issue as aforesaid then the Share or
83    Shares which the parent or parents might or would otherwise have been
84    entitled to
    [Page 3]
85    entitled to shall go and be transferable and payable to such his her or their
86    Issue so always that such Issue shall stand in the place or places of
87    his her or their parent or respective parents and take a Share or Shares
88    accordingly And I further will and direct that this Codicil be deemed
89    and taken as and for part of my said last Will and Testament In Witness
90    whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the 17th day of October in
91    in the Year of our Lord 1811 Ann Blake Signed sealed published
92    and declared by the Testatrix Ann Blake as and for a Codicil to her last Will
93    and Testament in the presence of us Sally Rogers Tho[ma]s Chubb
94    Proved at London with a Codicil 11th March 1812 before the
95    W[orshi]pful Augustine Gostling d[octo]r of Laws and Surr[ogat]e by the Oath of Robert
96    Blake Esquire the Brother of the deceased and one of the Executors to whom
97    Adm[inistrati]on was granted having been first sworn duly to administer The
98    Rev[erend] John Jacob Clerk in the Will written Henry Jacob the other Ex[ecut]or
99    having first renounced.

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