Monday, December 9, 2013

Eye appointment and drops, All my Ancestry at BritainsDNA

I have been missing these last couple of days as my eyes recovered from eye drops (2 sets) and I always find that I need to stay away from light for a couple of days afterwards. Back to blogging again tomorrow.

The All My Ancestry results are now in at BritainsDNA for my brothers DNA. We match 48% at FT DNA so I am tempted to do All My Ancestry on myself at BritainsDNA in the near future. The results received pretty much compliment the results for him at FT DNA but a slightly deeper ancestral picture shows up. I expected to see some African DNA in our autosomal results but none is reported in the Population Finder at FT DNA however when it is reported with All My Ancestry it shows up as 0% hence less than 0.5% one would assume. My brother shows up as 100% European with 91% West European and 9% as southern European. I show up as 93% British Isles and 7% Middle East/Ukranian/Caucasoid. The reporting for BritainsDNA is much deeper and more extensive.

I have only just had a quick glance but I really like the colouring diagrams with All My Ancestry although I will say I equally like the display that FT DNA has for Family Finder. Both together give me an interesting picture of my autosomal ancestry (my known British ancestry goes back hundreds of years on most of my lines back into the 1500s and earlier in some cases). I do have two lines about which my information is limited - my great grandmother (my mtDNA line) and the mother of my 3x great grandfather (also in my maternal line back from my maternal grandmother's father's grandmother). Neither of the two really add to my knowledge of these two lines although I also do not think they have added any confusion with regards to those two lines which is always a plus in genealogy.

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Solothurn said...

Hi is an excellent resource for all related DNA utilities. For my Admixture I was given 95% Orcadian and 5% Middle East at FTDNA.

I ran one of the utilities at Gedmatch and got:

North_Sea 19.47%
North_Atlantic 16.32%
Iberian 12.61%
Fennoscandian 11.36%
Italian 11.18%
East_Central_Euro 8.92%
Central_Euro 6.77%
Eastern_Euro 3.50%
French 4.67%
West_Med 1.39%
South_Central_Asian 1.34%
East_Balkan 1.34%
Basque 1.14%