Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Return to blogging

I did promise yesterday that today I would be blogging a new will however that was before I looked at the will of James Blake of Preshute, Wiltshire and amazingly he lived at Plough Cottage which is reminiscent of Elizabeth Blake's will just a short while ago. James's will is 10 pages so it will be tomorrow before that one surfaces as a blog but a couple of hints that it does clarify Elizabeth's will and gives a lot more detail on this Blake family which appears to be from Berkshire since that was unknown when I worked on Elizabeth's will:

The days and weeks pass quickly and I am still working on Wiltshire wills and not accomplishing a lot of Abbots Ann Parish Records. However, we did get the Christmas letter written to go with the Christmas Cards and I always email to my family and do not send Christmas Cards. I stopped sometime in the 1990s and just emailed. Hard to believe it is nearly 20 years since I sent Christmas Cards except to my mother and aunt and uncle as they were not on email (all in their 80s at the time).

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