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Will of George Blake, Mariner, Salisbury, Wiltshire - The National Archives PROB 11/401/249, probated 9 Oct 1690

George Blake, Mariner, is the Testator. A check of ships of the line revealed only one website which mentioned the Rose and the Oxford but no further information. He has left all of his property to Hugh Grove a Mariner living at Portsmouth, Southampton (Hampshire).

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 30 Nov 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/401/249
Testator: George Blake, mariner
Place: Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 3 Feb 1685, probated 9 Oct 1690
Condition: 17th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: T[esta]m[ent]
[Margin]: Georgij Blake

1    To All People to Whome
2    this present writing shall come I George Blake of the Citty of Salesbury
3    mariner for a valuable consideration had and received of Hugh Grove of
4    Portsmouth in the County of South[amp]ton Marriner before the unsealing and deli-
5    very hereof have granted bargained aliened assigned and transferred and by
6    this present writing doe fully grant bargaine alien assigne transfer and
7    consigne unto the said Hugh Grove all such wages as appears to be due to
8    mee by Tickett or otherwise for Service done on board his Majesties Shipp
9    Oxford and my whole Estate Right Title Interest property claime and demand
10    of in and to the same to have and to hold the said wages and every part thereof
11    unto the said Hugh Grove his Executors Administrators and Assignes to
12    his and their owne proper use and behoof and as his and their owne
13    proper goods and Chattells for ever together with my whole power
14    and Authority to ask demand and receive the same of the Right hono[ra]ble
15    the Treasurer of his Majesties Navy or whome else it may concerne
16    all and singular which said granted premises I the said George Blake
17    for my selfe my Executors and Administrators doe covenant and pro-
18    mise to warrant and defend unto the said Hugh Grove his Executors
19    and Administrators against the claime and demand of any person
20    or persons and free and cleare of all former or other guifts grants
21    Assignment or Incombrances whatsoever by any meanes act consent
22    or procurement likewise as a further Security to the said Hugh Grove
23    for the consideration by him made to mee the said George Blake I
24    hereby ordaine and appoint this my last will and Testament and the
25    said Hugh Grove Sole Executor thereof unto whome I give and be-
26    queath all such wages as may appeare to bee due to mee for service
27    in his Majesties Shipp the Rose unto which I now belong In witnesse
28    whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and Seale this third day of
29    February Anno domin one thousand six hundred eighty five Annoqz
30    R[egn]is Jacobi S[e]c[on]di nunc Angl etc primo Signu George Blake Signed Sealed
31    and delivered in the presence of Wm Eddy Rich: Hale

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