Friday, January 24, 2014

Back to Blake wills and haplogroup H11 (mtDNA)

Working on the will of Robert Blake of Enham written in 1522 (in Latin!) and it is slow going although I have the first 7 lines in good shape and the last 5 lines in good shape just the middle of the 19 line will. The middle seven have a lot of new and interesting words and each line is about 50% so hopefully in the next few days. This Robert has sons Thomas and Richard. Is he elderly? I am not sure. His wife is still living. I now know there is a Richard Blake leaving his will in 1522 and a Robert Blake leaving his will in 1522 and both of Enham. Are they brothers? Is one the husband of Jone who left her will in 1527? If yes to husband of Jone then his sons should be Robert and Nicholas and daughter Elizabeth. Richard does mention a son Robert and perhaps Nicholas (still working on cleaning up that will which I have published but without the line containing letters that make me think Nicholas). It is too easy to convince yourself when you want it to be particular letters. I shall continue looking at that particular line for a bit.

Decided to miss the DNA meeting for BIFHSGO tomorrow since I am still recovering from the flu although feeling quite fit now. I have been doing a lot of DNA work and was somewhat thinking it would be an interesting meeting.

There were 15 new H11 sequences published in the Raule paper and Ian Logan has published them in emails and to his webpage:

One of them is root (i.e.) does not have A961G to differentiate between H11a and H11b. It is from Finland and I am still somewhat of the opinion that this haplogroup wintered at Ukraina during the last Ice Age and emerged from there heading both northward toward the Scandinavian Penninsula and westward towards Poland and the rest of Europe to both the west and the south. I shall do another update on H11 in the next couple of months.

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