Saturday, January 4, 2014

No will today but an interesting email

No will today but an interesting email from an Arnold descendant wondering if we matched on a particular chromosome in Family Finder. Will see how that goes. I do not see him on my list at FT DNA but it could be a very tiny match. I actually match my brother and another one of four other individuals who have Arnold ancestry on the said chromosome. Amazing how research into family has changed. Coming back to this blog; we did not match and so we are not from the same Arnold family or we simply didn't acquire that block on the Chromosome. Our Arnold families are closeby in Dorset and his person is supposed to have been at Milton Abbas in the 1600s. But I can only trace back to the latter part of the 1600s for sure although it would appear that my line goes back at Milton Abbas to much earlier times. I need to do a little work on that line one of these days when I get back to giving each of my lines one hour per day on a rotating schedule.

I am working on the will of Robert Blake which was written in 1522. He gave some interesting bequests to Andover Church which I am trying to work my way through. He appears to have a son Thomas and I believe I have his will of 1541. Other children I can not yet tell but obviously not the husband of Jone since their children were Robert, Nicholas and Elizabeth. He also mentions a Robert Blake I think in a skim reading. We will see where that goes. They all live at Enham! Exciting times ahead for that line.

I will also be working on one of the more recent Hampshire wills as this one is in Latin and will be slow going.

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