Monday, January 13, 2014

Routledge of Cumberland, England

I am working on a few pages of a document for Thomas Routledge. It is a Star Chamber Bill from 1552 and is full of surnames from the Bewcastle area of Cumberland. Since he is going to use this information in his book I will not recite it here. I am looking forward to his book as are most Routledges I expect. I will make a list of all the names in the document though as it is quite interesting and they will be found in Tom's book when he publishes it later this year.

I will be continuing on the Routledge documents for a few more days.

Routledge does rather interest me always as one set of my 3x great grandparents were Thomas Routledge and Elizabeth Routledge and their parents were Henry Routledge (of Oakshaw and Broderigg) and Margaret Tweddle (parents of Thomas) and George Routledge (of Oakshaw, Raw and Stubb) and Grace Routledge (parents of Elizabeth). The parents of Grace Routledge were Thomas Routledge (of Hill) and Mary Routledge (of Kirkbeckstown) and the father of Thomas was William (of Hill) and William (of Kirkbeckstown) was the father of Mary Routledge. Henry's parents were William Routledge (of Oakshaw and Flatt) and Grissel Routledge (location not known). Hence I have a lot of Routledge lines going back and I haven't taken them back another generation on George's line yet and I suspect his is all Routledge going back similarly to Henry Routledge as they are both descendant of the Oakshaw Routledge families.

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