Thursday, February 20, 2014

Clergy of the Church of England Database

I have always meant to extract the Blake family members who served in the Church of England from the Clergy of the Church of England Database. It is amazing for me to know that as I look backwards in time my family was Church of England on all sides going backwards in time probably even before Saint Augustine arrived in England in the 4th Century. The Celtic Christian Church was already strong and flourishing before Saint Augustine arrived.

Each of these names have a unique person ID within the database and one of my thoughts was to try to link them into families. This can already be done with some of them so perhaps I will over time hypertext link the Blake member below to the relevant blog. I did not learn anything about John Blake who was a parson at Knights Enham except he did not attend university. I do have a blog which includes all of the Oxford graduates (at least I think I blogged that and if I didn't I have the notes and will do so soon) and I will also link the Blake member below to that entry.

Anthony Blake, MA, BD  1550 - 1571 (died 6 Sep 1570)
Barnard Blake (perpetual Vicar), 1541
Benjamin Blake (schoolmaster), 1707
Charles Blake, DD, 1615
Charles Blake, MA, DD, 1693-1730 (died 26 Nov 1730)
Edmund Blake, BA, 1835
Edward Blake, BA, 1608
Edward Blake, lit, 1632
Edward Blake, MA, BD, DD, 1737-1765 (died 25 Jun 1765)
Elias Blake, lit, 1597-1622
George Blake (schoolmaster), lit, 1701
George Blake, BA, MA, 1706-1708
Henry Blake, BA, 1661-1662
Henry John Crickitt, MA, 1814-1835
Henry William Blake, BA, 1823-1826
Humphrey Blake BA, 1665-1669
John Blake, 1540 (died 6 Mar 1540)
John Blake, 1560
John Blake (perpetual vicar Hurstbourne Tarrant), 1560-1566
John Blake, lit, 1561
John Blake (Rector Knights Enham), 1563-1610
John Blake, MA, 1568-1593
John Blake, 1574
John Blake, MA, 1593-1614 (died 15 Jul 1614)
John Blake, MA, 1612
John Blake, MA, 1614-1639
John Blake, MA, 1619-1623 (died 1 Jul 1623)
John Blake, BA, 1706-1753 (died 19 Dec 1753)
John Blake, BA, MA, 1738-1786 (died 7 May 1784)
John Blake, BA, MA, 1739-1753
John Blake, BA, MA, 1745-1787 (died 2 Sep 1784)
John Blake, MA, 1761
John Blake, 1766
John Blake, BA, (baptized 26 Jun 1747 Minehead), 1770-1773
John Blake, 1773-1780
John Blake, BA, 1780-1801 (died 21 Dec 1801)
John Blake, 1783 (died 8 Feb 1783)
John Blake, BA, MA, 1801-1813 (died 19 Jan 1813)
John Blake, SCL, LLB, 1820-1832 (died 4 May 1832)
John Blake, 1821
Martin Blake, MA, BD, 1617-1639
Matthew Blake, 1698
Nathaniel Blake, BA, MA, 1669-1706 (died 23 Apr 1706)
Nathaniel Blake, BA, 1691-1693
Nathaniel Blake, MA, 1704-1712 (died 9 Nov 1712)
Peter Blake, 1565
Peter Blake (schoolmaster), lit, 1609-1629
Richard Blake
Richard Blake, BA, 1579
Richard Blake (perpetual vicar), 1583-1601 (died 5 Jan 1601)
Richard Blake, MA, 1608-1635
Richard Blake (schoolmaster), 1635
Richard Blake (schoolmaster), 1662
Robert Blake (perpetual vicar), 1560-1584
Robert Blake,  1585
Robert Blake, BA, 1634-1638
Robert Blake, BA, 1684-1685
Robert Blake, 1692-1695
Robert Blake, BA, MA, 1811-1816
Robert Ferrier Blake, lit, 1816-1831
Robert Philip Blake, 1823-1835
Roger Blake, BA, 1705-1722 (died 27 Jun 1722)
Thomas Blake, 1543 (23 Sep 1543)
Thomas Blake, MA, 1620-1639
Thomas Blake, BA, MA, 1623-1666 (died 22 Nov 1666)
Valentine Blake, 1603-1613
William Blake (schoolmaster), 1639
William Blake, MA, 1631
William Blake, MA, 1638
William Blake, BA, MA, 1642-1644
William Blake, 1661
William Blake, 1662
William Blake, 1767
William Blake, SCL, LLB, 1784-1796 (died 12 Aug 1796)
William Jex Blake, BA, 1809-1827
William Robert Blake, BA, 1823-1826
Zachary Blake (schoolmaster), BA, MA, 1714-1757

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