Saturday, February 8, 2014


When the Olympics are happening I am there glued to the television set. What a spectacular opening in Sochi Russia. Too bad that a few had to spoil it for all of us by threatening to cause destruction for their cause. The increased police presence has likely affected attendance and that is really annoying. The Olympics is perhaps one of the most important items that we do as countries of the world. It isn't who wins but just that we actually all get together manage to judge in a reasonably fair and equitable way and for three weeks nearly the glory of sport rings supreme all over the world.

Needless to say there will not likely be any transcription accomplished for the duration although a few might slip through but for the moment that is where I am watching all the athletes of the world compete for the glory of competing and for some the glory of gold, silver and bronze and perhaps most wonderfully for those who win gold hearing their National Anthem played. For me that is a real highlight as well to hear "O Canada" and see our flag rise to the top of the podium but just seeing our people compete and do the best that they can do at that moment in time is also very exciting.

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