Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Will date for Robert Blake

Periodically through the day I have revised my introductory writeup for the will of Robert Blake as I realized that the date of writing for the will which I had assumed to be 1522 because of the archival numbering which I tend to forget is the year of probate generally. As I examined the will I found that the xx followed by a j is likely just that and the tiny line preceding the j is not an i. That would make sense actually as Robert does mention sons Thomas and Richard. Richard does mention his brother Thomas in his will. That Richard who leaves his will in April 1522 is indeed the son of Robert does seem reasonable from the point of view of the documents and examining the rest of the will I feel that the date year is 1521.

The blog is my living memory so I do tend to review it periodically and make small changes here and there.

I am amazed to discover that I have nearly reached 100,000 page views (I am not tracking my own) and will do so before the end of February.

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