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Will of Richard Blayke, Knights Enham, Hampshire - Family Search 186681, A0658, 195, probated 23 May 1522

Another will from Family Search and can be located on Film 186681, Catalogue Number A-658, Year 23 May 1522, and number 195 on the film. From the Hampshire Record this is 1522B/03. The Will of Richard Blayke (Blake) of Knights Enham, Hampshire.

Richard identifies his brother as Thomas, he further identifies his eldest son as Robert and possibly he is identifying his other son as Nichi (Nicholas). He does mention a daughter but not by name.

If I am correct in my interpretation then this is the husband of Jone Blake who left her will in 1527 which was blogged earlier but the transcription of Jone Blake’s will is the work of Charlou Dolan (since I now have a copy of this will I will blog a transcription at a later date):

Both of Richard’s sons left wills and I have blogged the will of Nicholas who left his will in 1547:

Robert also left his will in 1542 and I will shortly be blogging his will.

Once I have blogged the will of Thomas Blake (mentioned as the brother of Richard) and probated in 1541 and when I have completed the will of Robert Blake (in latin) which was probated in 1522 as well, then I will bring these wills together as all of the individuals live at Knights Enham at the time of writing their wills. I suspect that Thomas is the youngest of the two brothers because there is a certain property that Richard has purchased from him (likely the lease which is contained in an indenture) but I am unable to transcribe completely this one inset line. I will work away at it but Richard wishes the property to be for his eldest son Robert and if not Robert then Nicholas but his wife is to be allowed to live there for her lifetime. His wife is to bring up the younger children.

In the will of Jone Blake she mentions all three of her children Robert, Nicholas and Elizabeth. I would like to transcribe it myself and compare with this will and may try to do that before I bring the three wills together that I mentioned earlier. That would give me four wills to collect information and perhaps provide a meaningful comment on these Blake families at Knights Enham. 

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 13 Aug 2013
Source: Family Search – 186681, A-658 and Item 195
Testator: Richard Blayke
Place: Knights Enham, Hampshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 12 April 1522, probated 23 May 1522
Condition: 16th century English, legible copy

Wrapper: 1522 Rich[ard]us Blake De Enham
Wrapper: P[ro]batu[m] fuit  xxiij de Maij quadar aypella infra villa de Andev[er]

1    In die no[min]e Ame[n] xij  die m[en]si[s] d’Ap[ri]lis  Anno d[omi]ni [mille]sj[m]o ccccc xxij Ego Richardus blayke cy[m]pos
2    me[n]t[i]s saneq[ue] memorie t[ame]n eg[e]r corpore condo et ordino testament[um] meu[m] de mea[m] labor[aci]on[em] volu[n]tat[em]
3    in h[u]nc modu[m] In p[ri]mis et lego A[n]i[m]am mea[m] deo patri o[mni]pote[n]ti be[ate] marie v[ir]gini o[mn]ibus s[anc]tis
4    corpusq[ue] meu[m] sepeliendu[m] in cimitt[er]io p[a]rochialis eccl[es]ie s[anc]ta michaelie archang[e]li de
5    enham It[e]m lego mat[ric]e eccl[es]ie winton xij d It[e]m lego p[re]dute eccl[es]ie de enham xl d
6    It[e]m do eccl[es]ie p[a]rochiali[s] de Andov[er] xx d It[e]m lego fr[atr]i meo Thome Blayke xl s
7    ut ip[s]e videar ____ mea vls volunt[at]us suit testam[entu]s in Jurus _____ et ______
cum tenementas It[e]m volo q[uod] Uxor[i] mea habeat
8    Fruam mea p_tempe exp[re]sso in endentua iux[ta] as[s]ignatorum Roberti Blayke pri[mi]s
9    mei nichi et uxor mee de h[er]edibus u[ost]ris fait It[e]m do p[ar]ochiali presbicto[rum] xl d
10    ip[s]e orat p[ro] salute an[im]e mee It[e]m volo q[uod] uxor mea h[ab]eat custodia[t] talus mei
11    dura[n]te vita sua et post decessu[m] p[r]imo pedder sup[ra]dict eccl[es]ie de enham It[e]m lego
12    unicuiq[ue] filiora[m] meor[um] cowes It[e]m do matri mee xl d ac volo q[uod] h[ab]eat victu[m] et
13    vestitu[m] de bo__e mee q[uod] duo vixit It[e]m lego et unicuiq[ue] filior[am] meor[um] unden
14    Vacta[?] et vi[su]m _____ cum p[er]tin[en]ces Residuum v[er]o omn[ium] bonor[um] meor[um] do et lego uxori
15    Mee qua[m] ordino de constituo executore[m] mea[m] et mi[ni]strare ut ipsa h[ab]eat acinde
16    Disponat p[re]sente die mee et sua ep[iscop]a utilitate s[ic]ut ei melius videbit[ur] insutu[r]
17    expedire deo place[r]e et an[im]ee mee p[ro]fice[re] d[omi]ni dat[um] die Anno sup[ra]dict[i]s p[ertin]entibus
18    d[omi]no J[o]h[n]e battey curat[e] Thoma Blayke and Richarde Goldyn cum alijs dimis[s]is
19    P[ro]batu[m] fuit xxiij de maij
20    cum du sup[ra]dicta in Capella infra villa de Andev[er]
21    Ego _____ B bo____
22    iiij Juin

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