Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gardening and new ways to look at my family lines

Gardening is once again taking up most of my time these days. I had thought I could mix the two but the short space between winter and summer here has ended up eating greatly into my transcription time!

Really nice to see the warm summer rays coming into our life after a rather harsh winter though. I will not be posting wills for a few weeks but may be writing short posts on other topics.

I am thinking of a new challenge for myself of constructing one Blake family tree a week taking census and matching it up with a Blake will for some of the counties where I have completed the wills. More on that notion to come and it would start in September.

A second challenge has emerged from reading the rootsweb list for the Guild of one name studies. It is the idea of doing an Ancestor a week. That would be my ancestors. With 52 weeks in the year it would be neat to do 52 of my 64 four times great grandparents or my grandparents 2x great grandparents.  Looking at these grandparents:

Samuel George Blake and I know 14 of his 16 2x great grandparents

Ada Bessie Cotterill Rawlings and I know 13 of her 16 2x great grandparents

John Routledge Pincombe and I know all 16 of his 2x great grandparents

Ellen Rosina Buller and I know six for sure and 5 probables of her 2x great grandparents

That would give me 49 for sure and perhaps by the time I am into the last three weeks I might be surer of my maternal grandmother's mother's parents. I could then go to my 5x great grandparents for whom I would then be looking at my great grandparents 2x great grandparents. Looking at these great grandparents:

Edward Blake and I know 11 of his 16 2x great grandparents

Maria Jane Knight and I know 14 of her 16 2x great grandparents

George Cotterill and I know 6 of his 16 2x great grandparents

Elizabeth Rawlings and I know 9 of her 16 2x great grandparents

William Robert Pincombe and I know 14 of his 16 2x great grandparents

Grace Gray and I know 15 of her 16 2x great grandparents

Edwin Denner Buller and I know 12 of his 16 2x great grandparents

Ellen Taylor and I have 5 probable of her 16 2x great grandparents

This would then give me 81 5x great grandparents and 5 probable so about 1.5 years of weekly posts on these individuals and again I might, whilst I am working on these individuals on their day, be able to push back the line.

Although I am mostly dedicated to my one name studies of Blake and Pincombe, I would like to add in this day to my study week. I think I shall do this blog on Monday mornings.

I also want to work on my French Canadian research and I am thinking of doing 1 blog a week on the 4x great grandparents for whom I know all of these individuals with the exception of two probables for my great grandmother Ellen Taylor. That would get me back into my French Canadian research and give some exposure to my husband's lines on this blog as well as his own blog


Adding this in will bring me back to where I was one year ago working away on my own lines my son in law's French Canadian families a little each day! The year has passed quickly with some really interesting discoveries and I hope more to come. I will begin this blog at the beginning of July when the garden work has settled down and time becomes more available for such new pursuits.  I think that I shall do this blog on Friday mornings.

Although it might be interesting to start a new blog for each of these two items I am going to just stay with my one blog which was aptly named English Research from Canada but has the clarifying lines about my French Canadian Research and if I find that I am doing quite a bit of reporting on my husband's lines (which he already blogs) I may add in a short line to my preamble about my blog.

More on all of this later as I start to plan how to get into these three challenges for myself - a Blake family tree once a week, a once a week blog on my 4x great grandparents and a once a week blog on the overall ancestry at the 4x great grandparent level working on French Canadian for my son in law/American-Canadian for my husband/primarily English for my own. There is quite a mixture in all of this as there is quite a bit of French in my husband's line and surprisingly on Family Finder at FT DNA one of my best matches is with an individual who has French Canadian ancestry almost totally! Must write to him and see if we can find the linkage as he is rated as a 2nd to 4th cousin.

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