Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tablets and Apps

I recently purchased an Android Tablet which I am quite enjoying although I obviously needed to know more about applets. I thought I had been publishing my wills this past week when we were at the OGS Conference but discovered that was not the case. I was publishing them to my own private view on the tablet.

Wills will commence once again today and it is the Blake wills of Gloucestershire continuing. A number of these wills I am able to relate directly back to the Blake family at Calne Wiltshire which was a great find. Once I am into the census and parish records I may be able to trace Blake lines down into the present day. To date we do not have anyone with an authentic paper trail back to the Blake family at Calne that has tested their yDNA. This could be an interesting breakthrough to see whether the folklore that the Wiltshire, Hampshire and Somerset Blake families do belong to the same founding line does point to mutual ancestry.

My paternal yDNA I-L161 by FT DNA or I-S185/S2640 by BritainsDNA  is very ancient to the British Isles (8000 years ago approximately) so my line has at some point in the past prior to the mid 1400s chosen the surname Blake. It is possible that the individual who married a Blake female took his wife's surname in that this Blake family can be found on a freehold and leasehold at Knights Enham back into the mid 1400s. The Manor Books for Knights Enham/Andover should help to reveal more about this particular Blake line which is mentioned in the study below and is part of A British Isles Ancestry (in the Blake yDNA study) with the furtherest back ancestor being Robert Blayke who died in 1521. His son did use the surname Blake as did all generations to follow. Hence I do not believe that my line is descendant of the Blake line at Calne Wiltshire. Does that exclude all Blake lines at Andover? That remains to be seen as the Blake family that had the Blake Pedigree Chart prepared in 1690 with additions into the 1700s does state their line was descendant of Richard Blaake/Blague/Blake of Calne. This Richard was alive during the reign of both Edward I and Edward II. Is he the Richard le Blak who requested a license to go to Market in England in 1274? It is rather fascinating that one could bring a family back this far and then over to Rouen Normandy. I would expect that line though to be R1b or I1 and there will be more discussion forthcoming on haplogroups on the study site once the dust settles over the new Y dna phylotree at FT DNA.

The yDNA Blake Study can be found at:

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