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Will of Mary Anne Blake, spinster, Clifton, Gloucestershire - The National Archives PROB 11/1814/66, probated 24 Apr 1833

The testatrix is Mary Anne Blake and she had lived in Jamaica. Her brother William Williams Blake was a Lieutenant Colonel in the 20th Regiment of Light Dragoons.

Mary Ann Burton Phillipson is mentioned in a case argued in the High Court of Chancery versus Richard Burton Phillipson (possibly her brother) in 1849 and it involved an indenture to which her mother Eliza Partridge Burton Phillipson had been a signer. I shall investigate this marriage between Richard Burton Phillipson and Eliza Partridge (unknown) as Mary Ann was a god daughter to the testatrix. I did locate that information and the Reverend Richard Burton Burton-Phillipson, rector of Herringswell married Eliza Partridge only daughter of John Thorp of Chippenham Park (Suffolk).

Found an obituary in the Gentleman’s Magazine for 1863 “At his residence, Brighton, aged 83k, Col. William Williams Blake, C.B., formerly of the 20th and 11th Light Dragoons. A slightly longer write up in The United Service Magazine: Colonel William Williams Blake, C.B., late 11th Light Dragoons, died at Brighton on the 21st of February, aged 83. He served with the 20th Dragoons at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope in 1806; proceeded from thence to South America, and was in the action at Maldonado and siege of Monte Video. Served in Portugal in 1808-9, including the battles of Roleia and Vimiera (gold medal); also at the passge of the Douro. In Sicily in 1810-11; subsequently on the eastern coast of Spain, including the battle of Castalla, and action at Villafranca.

From Family Search, William Williams Blake was buried 27 Feb 1863 at St Andrews, Hove, Sussex, England. On his monument ( legible items include Colonel William Williams Blake, age 84, birth year 1779 and burial year 1863 (first name on monument), Susannah Maria Blake, 42 years, born 1826, died 1868 and daughter of William Williams Blake. Also listed Joyce Susannah Blake, wife of William Williams Blake. Also William John Blake son of , born 1823, died 1847, 24 years of age.

William Williams Blake is on the census at Brighton, Sussex. He was born in the British Colonies and is listed as 71 years of age on the census so giving a year of birth of 1780. He is a Colonel Army Retired. His wife Joyce S Blake, 68 years of age and born in the British Colonies. His daughter Sarah unmarried and 30 years of age born in Ireland. Three servants listed Thomas C Baxter, Mary Ann Litchford and Jane Coombs.

The 1861 census is a little more revealing as he is born in Jamaica, 82 years of age so possible year of birth is 1779. His wife Joyce S also born in Jamaica and 75 years of age. His daughter Susan M 42 years of age born in Ireland. Servants present Elizabeth West, Jane Bickell, Jane Manwaring, and William Savage.

The marriage of William Williams Blake in 12 Sep 1814, West Middlesex Marriage Index to Joyce Susannah Hanson at Hampton.

Death Duty Register for William Williams Blake shows his wife as his executrix (Susannah Blake) 1863.

In 1855 he has a passport application 14 Aug 1855 (no further information).

It would appear that this is a Blake family line that died out with William Williams Blake. Discovering the parents of William Williams Blake and Mary Anne Blake would be quite interesting. That she lived in Clifton, Gloucestershire and he in London/Hampshire and then Sussex does not really give a direction to such a search however.

There was a Hodge family at Lacovia plantation in Jamaica and this family married into a Blake family also at Jamaica – namely William and Elizabeth Blake.

And Family search is very helpful with a baptism of William Williams Blake 17 June 1779 at Westmoreland, Jamaica son of William Blake and Elizabeth Blake. The baptism of the present testator 13 Apr 1772, Mary Anne Blake at Westmoreland Jamaica daughter of William Blake and Elizabeth Blake. There was an earlier baptism for William Williams Blake 10 May 1775 and he has likely died. I read through the register from 1766 to 1782 but only found these entries for this family. No marriage shown in this register for this couple between those times.

William Blake was a member of the Assembly in Jamaica for Westmoreland in 1790.

In 1796 the Honourable William Blake, Esquire was speaker of the Assembly and an Assistant Judge to the Supreme Court of Judicature.
Interesting to see that a James Wedderburn Esquire was also one of the representatives from Westmoreland in the Assembly.

The papers of the Tharp family reveal some new information:

19 Jul 1777 to W. Blake and Elizabeth Anne his wife confirmation of a grant and discharge of Sarah Blake’s right of dower.

9 May 1801 William Williams and Mary Ann Blake of Westmoreland, children of William Blake deceased.

Perhaps in 1801 William Williams Blake and Mary Ann Blake returned to England; William to buy an officer’s position in the Light Dragoons and Mary Ann Blake to Clifton, Gloucestershire. Was Sarah Blake the mother of the father of these two?

Perhaps more revealing for this family the Monumental inscriptions of the British West Indies from the Earliest Date … by James Henry Lawrence-Archer.

Page 29: Monument 17: Sacred to the Memory of the Honourable William Blake Esquire Speaker of the Honourable House of Assembly. He died 24th January 1797 aged 56 years.

Continuing on Page 30: During the illness of Samuel Williams Haughton, Member for Hanover, the Speaker of the House, Mr Blake was twice elected pro tempore. He was re-elected for Westmoreland in the Assembly of 23rd March, 1790, and on the death of Mr. Haughton, (by a fall from his horse in August, 1793) Mr Blake was unanimously chosen Speaker, 22nd October 1793. He was again elected for Westmoreland, and again unanimously chosen Speaker on October 28, 1796. …..In 1755 we find the will of Nicholas Blake, of Jamaica, and in it mention made of his brother Benjamin, and his son Nicholas Allen Blake, etc. In 1766 is recorded the will of Samuel Blake, in which occur the names of his sons and daughters namely Joseph, William, Samuel, Bonella, and Margaret. The will of Nicholas Allen Blake, the nephew of Nicholas as above, is dated July 16, 1789 and contains bequests to his son Matthew Gregory Blake, his brother William, and his cousins the Burkes of Loughrea in Ireland. A few years earlier, in the will of Benjamin William Blake (1785) his nieces are named Jane Gregory and Helen Haughton, his brother-in-law Samuel Williams Haughton, and his brothers Will and Nicholas Allen Blake, etc. The first entry of this name in the parish registers of Jamaica is in 1671, and in 1717 is recorded the birth of Benjamin, the son of Benjamin and ….. Blake. In 1743 is recorded the marriage of Alexander Blake and Hagar Williams (probably a daughter of Williams of Carowena); and still later in the Hodges family the baptism of an Alexander Blake Hodges, the nephew of Robert Francklyn Hodges, who married a daughter of the Honourable Hugh Lewis (Chief Justice). Robert Francklyn Hodges, younger, of Maxfield, was so named after a Mr. Francklyn, who married his aunt, Margaret Blake. In so extensive a family as that of Blake, it is natural to suppose that even uncommon surnames will be frequently adopted instead of ordinary Christian names, to distinguish individuals; but when we find a double combination of this description, we attach more importance to the coincidence. A reference to the pedigree of the Allens of Blackwell Grange, and a comparison of the names of Blake and Burke therein, suggests some connection with the family of Blake in Jamaica; and if so, of necessity it appear with that of Barbados, in the seventeenth century, and of another family of the name in Ireland, one of whose members, Nicholas Blake, is described as of Barbados, at the period to which we allude. On referring, however, to the registers of Andover, we find that Nicholas Blake of that town was also of Barbados; while in the will of the wife of Nicholas Blake of Barbados (1663), we disover that her husband was also of Bishops Mead, near Craford, Kent. Leaving, however, such branches of this family out of the question, and turning to the pedigree of Benjamin, Nicholas, and Alexander, three of the younger brothers of the celebrated Admiral Blake, we find very strong presumptive evidence of its being represented in Jamaica ………. It is probable that there were two families of Blake in Jamaics, which became united in one, about the commencement of the eighteenth century. The will of Elizabeth Blake, wife of Nicholas Blake, merchant, of London, entered (Barbados) Oct 26, 1663, states “I bequeath unto my son Nicholas my land called Bishop’s Mead in the parish of Craford, county of Kent and bought of Wm Borman and to his half-brother my son John Wilson my cousins John Blake and Nicholas Prideaux, etc. Witnesses:…. (Vide also the Baronetage; and Pedigrees of Blake at the Heralds’ College and British Museum, “Notes and Queries,” etc Very extensive private collections of Blake records exist.) .....had had various centres of origin, although, so far as we know, its earliest appearance was in Hampshire and Wilts, whence all the other recorded branches are assumed to have been derived (interesting comment)…… In 1651 Government caused a map of this county to be made, and on the third sheet are, amongst others, the Arms of Blake, and also, with other inscriptions the words (Marilandiae, Carolinae, Verginiae, et Jamaicae being on the second sheet with the name Marline) on the third sheet; Bermude, Barbude, Montserrat et Sancti Christophore.
From Pedigree of the Reverend J.H.C. Blake (descendant of Humphrey Blake according to the author of this transcript).
Humphrey Blake (s of Robert and Margaret of Bridgewater) had by his wife Sarah Williams 14 sons and 1 daughter. The sons were in the following order (see Ped Her Coll and Harl MSS 1141)
1.Robert; 2. Humphrey; 3. William; 4. George; 5. George; 6. Nicholas; 7. Samuel; 8. Edward; 9. John; 10. Thomas; 11. …. Ob. Inf.; 12. Benjamin.; 13 ……; 14. Alexander
Robert, the celebrated Admiral, 1st son, died s.p.
Humphrey, 2nd son, left issue and was represented by the late Rev J.H.C. Blake
George, 4th son, ob. Inf.
George, 5th son, had issue male: Benjamin
Nicholas 6th son, had issue male: (Nicholas (viv 1695) and the latter had 1. Alexander, 2. John; 3. William
Samuel 7th son, had issue male: 1. Samuel; 2. Robert
John 9th son, died s.p.
Alexander, 14th son.
Admiral Blake’s uncle, Benjamin Blake m 1614 Elizabeth daughter of Sidrach Blake, Stepney, Middlesex.

An interesting finding for this Blake family. That Mary Anne returned to Somerset is perhaps very interesting as well. The father of William Williams Blake and Mary Anne Blake died in 24 Jan 1797 at the age of 57 giving his a birth year of circa 1740. Linking this family back would be an interesting task. The above text implies he might be the son of Samuel Blake or the son of Nicholas Blake (no positive decision made).

From another site

In the 1760s Dean's Valley Water Works Estate passed out of the Williams family, possibly by descent, into the possession of the Hon. William Blake (1741-1797), a young Sugar Planter who was to become an important figure in 18th Century Jamaica. Blake was elected as a Member of Assembly for St. James in the House of Assembly of Jamaica from 1770 to 1787 and later as a Member of Assembly for Westmoreland from 1787 to 1797. He also went on to become Speaker of the House of assembly of Jamaica from 1793 to 1797, a Judge of the Supreme Court of Jamaica, Lt-Colonel of the St. James Regiment of Militia and eventually Provincial Grand Master of the Freemasons of Jamaica in 1796.

However despite his impressive political career, Blake was not very shrewd when it came to business and finance and he became deeply mired in Debt. In 1770 he was forced to mortgage the 1,400 acre Dean's Valley Waterworks Estate, including its Slaves and Cattle, to his brother-in-law, the Hon. Simon Taylor, who owned the Good Hope Estates in Trelawny. When Blake died in 1797, after his horse threw him while he was reviewing the St. James Regiment of Militia at a Military Parade in Montego Bay, it was due to this mortgage that the Dean's Valley Waterworks Estate passed entirely into the possession of the Hon. John Tharp.

From another website:

Blake, William Williams
Maj. 20 LD 21 Mar’05, Bt Lt Col. 1 Jan ‘12
Pa. Aug’03 – Sep ’09, Jan – Nov ‘13
Rob., Vinc., Douro, East Coast, Carta, Ordal
Md: Douro
G.M. Rol., Tinc., C.B.,
Also served West Indies ‘97/02, C of Good Hope ’05, S America ’07 ____

Names mentioned in the will:

Mary Anne Blake, testatrix, Clifton, Gloucestershire
Reverend John Hall, Clifton, clerk, trustee
Reverend John Kempthorne, Northleach, curate, trustee
Reverend John Edmund Jones, St Nicholas, curate, trustee
Mary Ann Blake, reputed daughter of William Williams Blake
William Williams Blake, Lieutenant Colonel 20th Dragoons, Grove near Horndean, Hampshire, executor
Emma Louisa Blake, reputed daughter of William Williams Blake
Mary Ann Phillipson, daughter of Robert Burton Phillipson, Bath, god daughter
Richard Burton Phillipson, Bath
Eliza Phillipson, Bath
Cinderilla Jordan, maid servant
Harriet Hamilton, Bristol, witness
Henry Ball, Sol[icito]r Bristol, witness
Charles Gough, clerk to Henry Ball, witness
Robert Traill, witness
A B Clifton, witness
Richard Biggs, Flatwell, witness
Henry H Ball, Barrister, Temple, London, trustee
Andrew Wedderburn Colville, merchant, London, trustee
John Fisher, witness
Susannah Chalfont, witness
R. C. Kirkpatrick, Newport I W, Solicitor, witness
Eliza Read, witness
Henry Sewell, Newport, Isle of Wight, Solicitor, witness

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 17 Apr 2014
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/1814/66
Testator:  Mary Anne Blake, spinster
Place: Clifton, Gloucestershire, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 5 Jul 1825, probated 24 Apr 1833
Condition: 19th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: Mary
[Margin]: Anne
[Margin]: Blake
[Margin]: 33

1    I Mary Ann Blake late of the Island of
2    Jamaica in the West Indies but now of the Hotwells in the Parish of Clifton in
3    the County of Gloucester Spinster being of sound and disposing mind memory and
4    understanding but knowing the uncertainty of life do make this my last will and
5    Testament in manner and form following that is to say First I resign my Soul unto
6    Almighty God and direct my Body to be decently interred in sure and certain hope of
7    its Resurrection to eternal Life and in humble faith and confident of the Mercy of
8    God through the merits of my Blessed Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ and
9    as to my Worldly Estate I give and bequeath after payment of my Funeral
10    expences the expence of proving this my Will and all my just debts as hereinafter is
11    mentioned unto my friends the Reverend John Hall of Clifton in the County of
12    Gloucester Clerk Batchelor of Divinity the Reverend John Kempthorne Vicar of
13    Northleach in the diocese of Gloucester Clerk Batchelor of Divinity and the Reverend
14    John Edmund Jones Curate of Saint Nicholas Gloucester Clerk Master of Arts the
15    Principal sum of ten thousand pounds of lawful money of Great Britain to be
16    transferred to them or the survivor of them by my Executor hereinafter named out of
17    any stock of funds standing in my name in the Books of the Governor and Company of
18    the Bank of England at my decease Upon the trusts and to and for the several intents
19    and purposes hereinafter mentioned expressed and declared of and concerning the same
20    that is to say Upon trust as to five thousand pounds being one moiety of the said ten
21    thousand pounds to invest the same in their names or in the names or name of the
22    survivors or survivor of them in the Parliamentary stocks or Public funds of Great
23    Britain or at Interest on Government or real Securities in England such securities to
24    be altered and varied by my said trustees from time to time as they shall think proper
25    and to pay and apply the Interest and dividends thereof or as much as my said trustees
26    shall think proper for the benefit of Mary Ann Blake the reputed daughter of my
27    Brother William Williams Blake of the Grove near Horndean in the County of Hants
28    Esquire late Lieutenant Colonel in his Majestys 20th Regiment of Light Dragoons for
29    the use maintenance and education of the said Mary Ann Blake until the first day of
30    January One thousand eight hundred and thirty three when she will have attained the
31    age of twenty one years or until she shall previously marry with the consent of my
32    trustees and that the Savings and accumulations of the interest and dividends of the said
33    five thousand pounds (if any) shall in the meantime be laid out to accumulate in
34    such securities as aforesaid for the benefit of the said Mary Ann Blake in the way
35    of compound interest and when and as soon as the said Mary Ann Blake shall attain
36    the age of time aforesaid or shall in the meantime marry with such Consent as afore-
37    said Upon trust to pay to or permit and suffer or fully authorize and impower the said
38    Mary Ann Blake to have receive and take all the interest and dividends of the said Five
39    thousand pounds and of the accumulations thereof as and when the same shall become
40    due and payable (but not by way of anticipation) to and for her own sole and separate
41    use esclusively and independently of any husband she may happen to marry and free from
42    his debts control intermeddling and engagements and her receipt alone to be a sufficient
43    discharge for the same and from and after the decease of the said Mary Ann Blake In
44    trust as to the principal and accumulated sum for her Child lawfully begotten and if
45    more than one for all  her children so begotten share and share alike with benefit of
46    survivorship among them and to become an interest vested in and payable to such child
47    or children whether male or female on attaining the age or respective ages of twenty one
48    years or on the day or days of marriage with the consent of my said trustees for the time
49    being which shall first happen But in Case the said Mary Ann shall happen to die
50    without having been married or having married shall not have any Child who shall
51    live to attain the age of twenty one years or be married with such Consent as afores[ai]d
52    then from and after her death and failure of such children as aforesaid Upon trust to assign
53    transfer and pay the said Five thousand pounds and all accumulations if any as afores[ai]d
54    unto my Brother the said William Williams Blake his executors admors and assigns
55    to and for his and their own use And upon further trust as to five thousand pounds being
56    the residue of the said ten thousand pounds In Trust for and for the maintenance and
    [Page 2]
57    benefit of Emma Louisa Blake another reputed daughter of my said Brother whose
58    age of twenty one years shall be accounted on the first day of January one thousand
60    eight hundred and thirty four exclusive of the debts control or engagements of any
61    husband she may happen to marry and of her issue lawfully begotten in such and
62    the same manner and to be vested at such time under the same or the like restrictions
63    as I have before directed concerning the five thousand pounds to her sister the said Mary
64    Ann Blake and her lawfully begotten issue But in case the said Emma Louisa Blake
65    shall happen to die without having been married or having married shall not leave
66    any child lawfully begotten who shall live to attain the age of twenty one years or be
67    married with such consent as aforesaid then from and after the decease of the said Emma
68    Louisa Blake and failure of such Children as aforesaid Upon trust to assign transfer and
69    pay the last mentioned sum of five thousand pounds and all such accumulations (if any)
70    as aforesaid unto my said Brother William Williams Blake his executors admors and
71    assigns to and for his and their own use and benefit I also give and bequeath unto the
72    said Mary Ann Blake and Emma Louisa Blake all my furniture linen wearing
73    Apparel Books Plate Watches Rings Trinkets and Pictures that I may be possessed of
74    to be divided equally between them when either of them shall attain the age before
75    specified or be married with such consent as aforesaid I give and bequeath unto my God
76    child Mary Ann Phillipson daughter of Richard Burton Phillipson of the City of Bath
77    Esquire by Eliza his Wife the sum of five hundred pounds of lawful money of Great
78    Britain I Give and bequeath unto my Maid Servant Cinderilla Jordan the sum of
79    one hundred pounds of like lawful money I Give and bequeath unto each of my afore-
80    said trustees the Reverend John Hall the Reverend John Kempthorne and the Reverend
81    John Edmund Jones the sum of twenty five pounds I give devise and bequeath all
82    my Real Copyhold and Leasehold Estates whatsoever and wheresoever and all the rest
83    and Residue of my money in the Public Stocks of funds together with all other my
84    Personal Estate and Effects of whatsoever nature the same shall or may be unto my
85    said Brother William Williams Blake his heirs executors admors and assigns according
86    to the nature and quality thereof respectively And I hereby nominate constitute and appoint
87    my said Brother sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament and I hereby
88    as far as I lawfully may or can appoint my said Trustees the Guardians and request
89    them to undertake the Care Tuition and Guardianship of the Persons of them the said
90    Mary Ann Blake and Emma Louisa Blake during their said Minorities Provided
91    always that if any of the trustees hereby appointed or to be appointed as hereinafter
92    is mentioned shall depart this life or decline to act in the trusts hereby in them reposed then
93    and in such case it shall and may be lawful to and for the surviving or continuing
94    trustees or trustee to appoint one or more trustee or trustees in the room of the trustee or
95    trustees so dying or declining to act and thereupon the said trust estates monies and premises
96    shall be bested in the same trustee or trustees solely or jointly with the surviving or
97    continuing trustee or trustees as occasion shall require and that such new trustee or trustees
98    shall have the same powers and authorities to all intents and purposes whatsoever
99    as if he or they has been originally nominated a trustee or trustees in this my Will
100    Provided also that the trustees hereby appointed or to be appointed as hereinafter is
101    mentioned shall not be answerable the one for the other or others of them nor for the
102    signing receipts for the sake of Conformity nor for any involuntary loss and that it shall
103    and may be lawful for them and for my said Executor respectively to reimburse
104    themselves all their costs and expences in discharging their trusts and Lastly I do hereby
105    revoke all former Wills Codicils and other Testamentary dispositions made by me at
106    any time or times heretofore and do declare this to be my last Will and Testament In
107    witness whereof I the said Testatrix Mary Ann Blake have to this my last will and
108    Testament contained in six sheets of paper set my hand and seal to wit my hand to the
109    first five sheets my seal to the top of the first sheet where all the said sheets are affixed
110    together and my hand and seal to this sixth and last sheet this fifth day of July in the
111    Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty five Mary Anne
112    Blake Signed sealed published and declared by the said testatrix Mary Ann
113    Blake as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in her presence
114    at her request and in the presence of each other have hereto subscribed as Witnesses
    [Page 3]
115    Harriet Hamilton Bristol Spinster Henry Ball Sol[icito]r
116    Bristol Charles Gough his Clerk
117    Whereas by my Will dated the fifth day of July One thousand eight
118    hundred and twenty five I have given unto my late Maid Servant Cinderilla
119    Jordan the sum of one hundred pounds Now I do by this Codicil to my last Will and
120    Testament revoke the said bequest and I direct that the said sum of one hundred
121    pounds be considered as part of my Residuary Personal estate and I do ratify and
122    confirm my said Will in all other respects In Witness whereof I have to this Codicil
123    to my last Will and Testament set my hand and seal this twenty ninth day of July
124    one thousand eight hundred and twenty six Mary Anne Blake
125    Signed sealed published and declared by the above named Mary Anne Blake as and
126    for a Codicil to her last Will and Testament in the presence of us Robert Traill
127    A B Clifton Richard Biggs Flatwell Henry Ball
128    Sol[icito]r Bristol
129    This Codicil made by me Mary Anne Blake now residing at
130    Ventnor hotel Undercliff in the Isle of Wight and published this nineteenth day of
131    December one thousand eight hundred and thirty two is part of and to be annexed
132    to my last Will and Testament bearing date the fifth day of July one thousand eight
133    hundred and twenty five Whereas the Reverend John Hall and the Reverend
134    John Edmund Jones two of the trustees named in my said Will are since dead and
135    the Reverend John Kempthorne the other trustee is desirous of giving up the trusteeship
136    now I do hereby revoke the appointment of trustees made in my said Will and in the
137    place of the said trustees I do hereby nominate and appoint my friends Henry Ball
138    of the Temple London Esquire Barrister at Law and Andrew Wedderburn Colville of
139    London Merchant as trustees and Guardians with all the same powers and
140    authorities as by my said Will were vested in the said trustees and Guardians
141    therein named as fully and completely in all respects as if the said Henry Ball and
142    Andrew Wedderburn Colville had been originally named and appointed trustees and
143    Guardians in my said Wills and I give to each of them the sum of twenty
144    Guineas as a token of regard for their kindness in undertaking the Trusteeship
145    and Guardianship and whereas I have in my said Will given to my trustees the
146    sum of ten thousand pounds of lawful money of Great Britain as to five thousand
147    pounds part thereof upon certain trusts in favor of Mary Ann Blake therein
148    named and as to the remaining five thousand pounds upon certain trusts in favor
149    of Emma Louisa Blake therein named Now I do hereby give to the said Henry Ball
150    and Andrew Wedderburn Colville their executors admors and assigns the further sum of two
151    thousand pounds of like lawful money to be placed out and invested by them in like
152    manner as the said sum of ten thousand pounds Upon trust as to one thousand
153    pounds part thereof for the said Mary Ann Blake in like manner in all respects
154    as the said sum of five thousand pounds with the same remainder over and as to the
155    remaining One thousand pounds Upon trust for the said Emma Louisa Blake in the
156    same manner in all respects as the said sum of five thousand pounds with the same
157    remainder over In Witness where I have to this Codicil subscribed my name and set
158    my seal this nineteenth day of December One thousand eight hundred and thirty two
159    Mary Anne Blake Signed sealed published and declared by
160    Mary Ann Blake as and for a Codicil to her last Will and Testament in the presence
161    of us who at her request in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto
162    subscribed our names as witnesses John Fisher Susannah
163    Chalfont R. C. Kirkpatrick Newport I W Sol[icito]r
164    This is a third Codicil to the Will of me Mary Ann
165    Blake at present residing at Ventner in the Isle of Wight made the first day of January
166    One thousand eight hundred and thirty three whereas in a Codicil to my Will made on the
167    nineteenth day of December last I have by mistake subscribed the Reverend John Hall
168    as dead now I do nevertheless declare my intention to be to revoke the appointment of
    [Page 4]
169    the said John Hall to be a trustee and Guardian of my Will and to confirm the
170    appointment made by the same Codicil of my friends Henry Ball and Andrew
171    Wedderburn Colville to be the only Trustees and Guardians of my Will and Codicils and
172    Whereas I have by my Will dated the 5th day of July 1825 bequeathed two sums of five
173    thousand pounds each to Trustees upon certain trusts for the benefit of Mary Ann Blake
174    and Emma Louisa Blake therein named and their issue respectively But in Case of their
175    respectively dying without being married or having married without any Child who shall
176    live to attain the age of twenty one years or be married as therein mentioned I have bequeathed
177    the same respective sums of five thousand pounds to my Brother William Williams Blake
178    Now I do hereby direct and declare that in Case either of them the said Mary Ann Blake and
179    Emma Louisa Blake shall die without having been married or having married without
181    having any child lawfully begotten who shall live to attain the age of twenty one years or be
182    married as therein mentioned in that case the sum of money and estate by my said Will
183    given for the benefit of such one so dying shall be held Upon trust for the survivor of them
184    and the children of such survivor for the like interest as the money and estate originally bequeathed
185    for her and their benefit and with a remainder over in the same event to my Brother the said
186    William Williams Blake as is in my Will expressed and declared concerning such original
187    sum of money and estate I ratify and confirm my said Will and also the Codicils thereto
188    of the fifth day of July 1825 and the nineteenth day of December last and direct this to be
189    taken as a Codicil to and as part of my Will In Witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed
190    my name and affixed my seal the day and year first above written Mary Anne
191    Blake Signed sealed published and declared by the said Mary Anne Blake
192    as and for a Codicil to her last Will and Testament in the presence of us together who in her
193    presence at her request and in the presence of each other have hereto subscribed our names as
194    witnesses Henry Sewell of Newport in the Isle of Wight Sol[icito]r
195    the Mark X of Eliza Read
196    Proved at London with three Codicils 24th April 1833 before the Worshipful Jesse
197    Addams doctor of Laws and Surrogate by the Oath of William Williams Blake Esquire the
198    Brother the sole Executor to whom Admon was granted having been first sworn duly to
199    administer

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