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Will of Robert Blake, woollen draper and wine spirit dealer, Bristol, Gloucestershire - The National Archives PROB 11/2192/296, probated 17 Jun 1854

Robert Blake is the testator. He mentions his wife Harriet Blake and his son Joseph Hammond Blake. The baptism of Joseph Hammond Blake 16 Nov 1836 at Saint Nicholas, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England son of Robert and Harriet Blake.

On 8 Feb 1858 Joseph Hammond Blake (son of Robert Blake) married Mary Frances Holmes at St Andrew Holborn, Middlesex. On his marriage registration Joseph is listed as an architect.

Joseph H Blake (14 years) is found on the 1851 census at School in Clevendon.

In 1861 Joseph H Blake is on the census at Lee, Lewisham, London and he is a surveyor and 25 years of age born in Gloucestershire. His wife is Mary, 30 years, and she was born in Kent.

In 1871 Joseph H Blake is on the census at Lewisham, London, 34 years of age, Civil Engineer born at Gloucester and he is a civil engineer. His wife is Mary F Blake and she is 33 years of age born at Eltham.

In 1881 Joseph H Blake still at Lewisham, London, 45 years of age, no occupation, born at Gloucester, Gloucestershire and his wife Mary F, 50 years born at Eltham, Kent.

A rather interesting 1841 census for this family. At Cheltenham Road, Bristol and in the united parishes of St James and St Paul. Joseph Hammond 45, woolen draper, born in Gloucestershire; Cather Hammond 46, born in Gloucestershire, Robert Blake, 30, Spirit dealer, born in Gloucestershire, Harriet 30, born in Gloucestershire and Joseph Blake 5, born in Gloucestershire.

No ideas on the parentage of this Robert Blake. Could he be the son of Robert and Gwina Blake?

However, my cousin Thomas is reminding me that he is needing the transcription of some of the Routledge material so I need to return to working on that material for a couple of weeks or so.  I will complete to the end of the PCC Blake wills for Gloucestershire and then return to Routledge. Then I will begin to work on the wills of Bristol Diocese for Blake. There are 37 wills between the dates of 1546 and 1851. These wills will hopefully fill in some of the missing information.

The Gloucestershire Blake family has proven to be most interesting especially with the likely link back to the Blake family at Calne.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 9 May 2014
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/2192/296
Testator:  Robert Blake, woollen draper and wine spirit dealer
Place: Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 14 Sep 1853, probated 17 Jun 1854
Condition: 19th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: Robert
[Margin]: Blake
[Margin]: 6

1    This is the Last Will and Testament
2    of me Robert Blake of the City of Bristol Woollen Draper and Wine and
3    Spirit Dealer I will and direct that all my just debts funeral expences and the
4    charge of proving this my Will shall be fully paid and satisfied by my Executrix
5    hereinafter named I give devise and bequeath unto my dear Wife Harriet
6    Blake all my furniture plate linen and china Also I give devise and bequeath
7    unto my Wife those two houses with gardens and outbuildings belonging there-
8    unto known by the name of No 1 and 2 Gloster Villas Cheltenham Road Also I
9    give unto my Wife the stock fixtures and lease of my Woollen Warehouse No 2
10    Dolphin Street Bristol Also I give the stock of Spirits Wines and book debts of my
11    Spirit Stores No 3 Dolphin Street charging the last named stock with the sum of
12    two shillings and sixpence per week to be paid unto Mary Thomas late Servant in
13    my employ for her life I give unto my Son Joseph Hammond Blake two
14    policies on the life of James Thomas Martin Esq[ui]er for Eight hundred pounds
15    one No 2011 in the Asylum Office Exchange Bristol for the sum of Five hundred
16    and fifty pounds without participation of profits due Nov[embe]r 9th annual premium
17    £10.6.3 and the other in the Equitable Office London No 4500 for Two hundred
18    and fifty pounds with participation in profits now value Two hundred and
19    ninety three pounds 15/. Annual premium £5.18.0 due Oct[obe]r 8th I also charge
20    the Stock and Business of the Spirit Stores with those two sums of £10.6.3and £5.18.0
21    making Sixteen pounds 4/3 to be paid annually I also charge the said Stock and
22    Business with Twenty pounds per annum to be paid by quarterly instalments
23    unto my Son before named while he continue a minor I give devise and be-
24    queath unto George Willis Beebee now in my employ and if he continue to be
25    at my decease and if not unto my Son Joseph Hammond Blake a house
26    garden and outbuildings known by the name of No 2 Albert Buildings
27    Catherine Place Stokes Croft Bristol now in the occupation of Mrs Perry sub-
28    ject nevertheless to the mortgage, ground rent or other debts that may be
29    chargeable thereon I give unto my Wife All my Residuary Estate and
30    appoint my Wife Harriet Blake Trustee and Executrix of this my Will And
31    hereby revoking all former Wills to declare this to be my last Will and Testa-
32    ment In witness whereof The said Robert Blake the Testator have to this
33    set my name this fourteenth day of September One thousand eight hun-
34    dred and fifty three Robt Blake Signed and declared by the said Robert
35    Blake the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of usq
36    present at the same time who in his presence at his request and in the presence
37    of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses
38    Luke Arnold Thomas Pope Arnold
39    Proved at London 17th June 1854 before the Judge by the Oath of Harriet
40    Blake Widow the Relict the sole Executrix to whom Admon was granted
41    having been first sworn by Commission duly to administer

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