Saturday, June 28, 2014

Buller Family

Just when you think there will not be any surprises out pops another one. My fourth cousin once removed on my Buller side tested Family Finder for me but we did not match. There was a 50:50 chance that she would or would not and the coin turned up empty this time. I was thinking that her match would show me that I had inherited more of the Buller line than the Pincombe line from my mother. But I was forgetting that when I am saying Buller I am actually looking at Welch and Buller. The X chromosome which my grandmother received from her father would have come directly unchanged from her grandmother Anne Welch and perhaps in the process I ended up getting mostly Welch. Perhaps one day I will be able to really prove that but in the meantime I am still left with having continental Europe (France/Germany) in my origins map when my siblings do not and a hefty amount of Scandinavian (33%) when my siblings have considerably less. Could I have acquired a lot of Gray (my Gray line was in the East Riding of Yorkshire (Etton area)) and a lot of Welch in the exchange instead of Pincombe and Routledge. I know I have some Pincombe but my siblings match with a fourth cousin shows twice as much for them as for me.

The interesting part in all of this is learning more about some of the siblings of my great grandfather and that they came to Canada after WWI. I always thought my Grandmother had visited this particular line when she went back in 1939 but I think it may have been another sibling that married into the Neal family. I can not clearly remember the names of the people that she saw when she was in England. I know for the most part everyone that she had known in the late 1890s and early 1900s had died. In her case she and her siblings were the youngest of all the first cousins in that Buller family line and due to the death of both of her parents they probably did not see any of those first cousins after that death.

My cousin had also tested at Ancestry and matched with a descendant of the Luckman family. Would love to do that test but it isn't for people outside of the United States yet so will have to wait on that. The descendants of this family would be my third cousins or third cousins once remove/twice removed. I have long generations. Anyway will wait to see if they write. I am always looking for pictures and when I looked at a picture of my grandmother's first cousin I could see some resemblance which surprised me. I thought my grandmother looked like her mother. The pictures my grandmother had were burned up in a fire unfortunately.

Getting back into my transcription of Blake wills and these are for the Diocesean Court at Bristol. The few that I am doing now fit together and it would be nice if I could take them back to the Blake family at Calne but will wait and see on that. As far as I can tell there are still Blake families in this same area. Always wonder if any of them will join the yDNA study at FT DNA as they could answer many questions with their results likely. The British Isles contains probably the greatest variety of Blake yDNA although Australia has a greater density per population. Only my father has come with his particular line to Canada so do not expect to see any matches except in England unless some went to Australia earlier of whom I am not aware.

This latest discovery of Buller atDNA matches with my fourth cousin once removed has inspired me to once again look at Buller wills. Now that they are up on Ancestry I could look at them each of my Buller research days.

No traveling plans for quite a while now. Three weeks in France will keep us busy for months and months catching up on gardening, cleaning and all those sundry things one does to keep a house going. Plus I lost so much time to my genealogical pursuits.

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