Sunday, June 15, 2014

Jet Lag and thoughts about France

Usually I am not overly bothered by Jet Lag. I just sleep for a couple of hours when we arrive in Europe after an all night flight (and I do tend to sleep a couple of hours on the plane). Well I did sleep a couple of hours when we got there and did sleep four hours on the plane but this time I did seem to be somewhat sleepy for the first couple of days of the trip. Now on the return voyage, I was asleep before 9:00 last night and awake at 3:00 a.m. so decided to do a little tidying up of my emails and post a short blog before going back for a couple more hours of sleep.

France was really quite amazing. It was larger than I had really thought. Huge amounts of their land are cultivated. There are so many varieties of cheese produced in France and I am sure I sampled a lot of them being a lover of cheese. They also produce nuts which are a favourite food of mine as well. Walnuts are a special favourite of mine and I ate them whenever possible including walnut ice cream which is luxurious. Walnut bread is really a treat. Although I enjoyed seeing so much of France, my mind kept wandering across the Channel (particularly when we were directly opposite) and wondering what it would be like to travel the byways of the English counties that most interest me. We hope to do that in another year. Just spend five weeks meandering about in south west England.

But also, I must admit I was looking at France as a future spot to go with our extended family on vacations. Ile de Re is a wonderful vacation resort as well as many other places. France has so much beach front with both Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel (La Manche is the French name for the channel) giving them huge expanses of beach. There are so many rivers in France and I did know the Rhine, the Meuse, the Marne and the Seine as the lines of defense that were maintained through the ages. I also knew some of the rivers that flowed into the Channel along the Normandy beaches but France has many many more rivers. The landscape was I thought much flatter but France has many hills and valleys and mountains to the south and south west.

What was my most favourite item? I am still pondering that because there were a number of items that I really wanted to see, there were items that I had never ever heard about and there were items that I thought I knew well but ended up being much more complex. So all in all finding my most favourite item is probably going to be quite difficult as it tended to change daily as we traveled about France.

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