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Will of George Blake of Duntisbourne Abbots, Gloucestershire - Diocese of Bristol Wills on Ancestry, no probate shown

This will for George Blake of Jackbarrows in the parish of Duntisbourne Abbots helps tie together the last will with this one. Elizabeth Blake was listed as the mother of William Blake of Duntisbourne Abbots. There is a William Blake at Jackbarrow Farm, Duntisborne Abbots, farmer, born circa 1784 on the 1851 census and at Shipton Moyne. I had to correct my previous post as I appear to have pulled up a different census then I recorded. George Blake mentions his children the eldest possibly William who is also his executor, his son George, his son John and his daughter Eleanor Howell wife of Harry Howell.

Is George the husband of Elizabeth Blake whose will was administered by William Blake? It would appear so but will leave it at that for the moment. There are more wills to come for this family.

Jackbarrow Farmhouse still exists as a Grade II listed building:

I did find a Harry and Elenor Howell on the 1851 census at Ashton Keynes. She was 60 years of age so born circa 1791. Living with them an unmarried daughter Ellen 21 years and two granddaughters Elizabeth Howell 6 (born at Cirencester) and Elenor Day 8 years (born at Avening). This Elinor though is born in Wiltshire at Shipton Main. The same family on the 1841 census at Coates with son Henry 12 and daughter Helen 10. Interestingly Duntisbourne Abbots is only 10 miles from Ashton Keynes. Shipton Moyne only 11 miles from Ashton Keynes. Duntisbourne Abbots is 13 miles from Shipton Moyne.

A little sleuthing brought up the marriage of Eleanor Blake and Harry Howell at Duntisbourne Abbots Ml from Boyd’s Marriage Index in 1813. I will check the Society of Genealogists site as I am a member to see if there is any more information for this marriage. No further details but the information from the census does point to this being the correct family. Plus William was also born at Shipton Moyne.

On the 1851 Census William is listed as a farmer with 550 acres. His wife was Ann 65 years of age. Their niece Hannah Hale is with them (16 years of age born same place as Ann, Berkley) and a cousin William Moss (widower, 28 years of age) born at Shipton. It is the 1841 census that has William Blake living at Duntisbourne Abbots 55 years of age and an Eliza Blake 35 years of age. His marriage to Ann was perhaps after the census was taken in 1841. There was an Elizabeth Blake who died in Cirencester RD sep quarter 1841. There was a marriage at Cirencester mar quarter 1843 of a William Blake and Ann Perkins is one of the names listed.

Looking at family search I did find a baptism for a George Blake 7 Jan 1788 at Shipton Moyne son of George and Sarah Blake. Was Elizabeth his second wife? There was a marriage of George Blake and Sarah Hillier in 1781 at Shipton Moyne from the Society of Genealogists website.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 29 Jun 2014
Source: Ancestry – Diocese of Bristol Wills
Testator:  George Blake
Place: Jackbarrows, Duntisbourne Abbots, Gloucestershire, England
Type of Record: Probate
Date of document:23 Apr 1832, probated - none shown
Condition: 19th century English, legible copy

1    This is the last Will and Testament of me
2    George Blake of Jackbarrows in the Parish of
3    Dunsborne Abbotts in the County of Gloucester Yeoman
4    I give and bequeath to my Son George Blake the
5    sum of Three hundred Pounds to my Son John Blake the
6    sum of Two hundred Pounds and to my daughter Eleanor
7    Howell Wife of Harry Howell the sum of One hundred
8    Pounds. All the Residue and Remainder of my Property
9    Estate and Effects of what nature and kind soever I
10    give and bequeath unto my Son William Blake for
11    his own absolute Use and Benefit And I appoint the
12    said William Blake sole Executor of this my Will and
13    I hereby revoke all former Wills by me made In Witness
14    whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this
15    Twenty third day of April One thousand eight hundred
16    and thirty two
17    Signed Sealed Published and Declared
18    by the said Testator George Blake as
19    and for his last Will and Testament
20    in the presence of us who in his
21    presence at his request and in the
22    presence of each other have hereunto
23    set our Names as Witnesses
24    James Sturns (?)
25    Will[ia]m Viner
26    Tho[ma]s White
27    George Blake

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