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Blake families of New Brunswick, Canada

I am pulling Blake members out of the New Brunswick censuses from 1861 to 1921 and this blog post is 1861 to 1881. It will likely undergo a lot of moving around of the various entries as my main interest at this moment is the Captain John Blake line.  However, for future research I wanted to extract all Blake families. I know, my Blake line, that our line was relatively distinct in Canada with just two brothers coming in 1911 and 1913 respectively Henry and then Samuel George (my grandfather with my father Ernest Edward George). Those descendants are known to me and the antecedents. All of these other Blake lines in Canada are from other parts of the British Isles (and perhaps elsewhere). I have not yet begun to think in terms of Blake outside of the British Isles unless the spelling is Blake or Bleak[e].

The 1861 Census of Canada for New Brunswick

Alnwick, Northumberland
Ann Blake (Black), mother in law, 74 PEI (living at the Robert Loggie household)

William Blake, [head], 52 NB
Mary Blake, wife, 54 Wales
John B Blake, son, 28 NB
Grace L Blake, daughter, 21 NB
Maria Blake, daughter, 18 NB
James Vanad[e]stine, nephew, 9 NB

James Black, [head], 26 NB
Elizabeth Jane Black [Blake], wife, 24 NB
George  Black [Blake], son, 4 NB
Samuel Black [Blake], son, 2 NB
Ann Black [Blake], daughter, 1 NB
Sarah Black [Blake], sister, 12 NB

Chatham, Northumberland 
Robert Blake, head, 55 NB
Hariet Blake, wife, 50 NB
John Blake, son, 24 NB
Ezebella J Blake, daughter, 22 NB
Ellin Blake, daughter, 20 NB
Catherine H Blake, daughter, 18 NB
James Mc Blake, son, 17 NB
Robert D Blake, son, 15 NB
Dudley P Blake, son, 13 NB
Mary Ann Blake, daughter, 11 NB
Donald C Blake, son, 9 NB
Elizabeth J Blake, daughter, 6 NB

Hillsborough, Albert
Samuel Blake, Head, 44 NB
Eliza Blake, daughter, 17 NB
Robert L Blake, son, 15 NB
Martha Blake, daughter, 9 NB
James Blake, son, 7 NB

Robert C Blake, head, 36 NB
Sarah Blake, wife, 33 NB
Harriet Blake, daughter, 14 NB
Archibald Blake, son, 6 NB
Joseph C Blake, son, 3 NB

St Andrews, Charlotte
Mary Blake, daughter, 30 NB (daughter of Prudence Marsh?)
Elizabeth Blake,  5 NB

Fredericton, York
Margaret Blake,  servant, 24 Irish

Manners-Sutton, York
William Blake, grandson, 6 NB (living at the David Scanlin household)

The 1871 Census of New Brunswick, Canada (Confederation was 1867)

Alnwick, Northumberland
William Blake, head, 62 NB (Scotch)
Mary Blake, wife, 64 England (Welsh)
John Blake, son 37 NB (Scotch)
Hariet Blake, daughter in law (?), 18 NB (English)
Sara Alice Blake, grand child (?), 2 NB (Scotch)
William Blake, grand child (?), 6/12 m NB (Scotch)
James Vanidestine, nephew (?), 18 NB (Dutch)
Allin Blake, ?, 9 NB (Scotch)
Elizabeth O'Brien, ?, 60 NB (Welsh)

Ellen Blake, ?, 15 NB (Scotch)

Hopewell, Albert
Samuel Blake, head, 55 NB (Scotch)
Rachael Blake, wife, 63 NB (English)
Sarah Blake, daughter, 21 NB (Scotch)
James Blake, son, 16 NB (Scotch)

Hillsborough, Albert
Alexander J Blake, head, 43 NB (Irish)
Elizabeth Blake, wife, 50 NB (German)
W F Blake, son?, 17 USA (Irish)

Jane Blake, head, 35 NB (Irish)
Anna E Blake, daughter?, 13 NB (Irish)
Margery E Blake, daughter?, 11 NB (Irish)
Uriah S Blake, son? 9 NB (Irish)
Sarah J Blake, daughter?, 7 NB (Irish)
Charles P Blake, son?, 4 NB (Irish)
Benjamin Blake, son?, 2 NB (Irish)

George Blake, head, 30 NB (Irish)
Charlott Blake, wife, 30 NB (Scotch)
John Blake, son, 10 NB (Irish)
Catharine Blake, daughter, 8 NB (Irish)
Alfred Blake, son, 4 NB (Irish)
Bessie Blake, daughter, 2 NB (Irish)
Minnie Blake, daughter, 3/12 NB (Irish)

James Blake, head, 34 NB (English)
Elizabeth J Blake, wife, 33 NB (English)
George Blake, son, 13 NB (English)
Samuel Blake, son, 11 NB (English)
Ann A Blake, daughter, 9 NB (English)
John A Blake, son, 7 NB (English)
Laura J Blake, daughter, 2 NB (English)

John M Blake, head, 32 NB (Irish)
Sarah J Blake, wife, 25 NB (Irish)
Douglas Blake, son, 5/12 NB (Irish)
Harriett Blake, daughter, 9 NB (Irish)

Robert L Blake, head, 24 NB (English)
Amanda J Blake, wife, 29 NB (English)

William Blake, head, 21 PEI (Scotch)
Emma Blake, wife, 20 NB (English)

Eliza Blake, ? 14, NB (English) (living with the Tayler family)

Robert L Blake, head, 24 NB (English)
Amanda J Blake, wife, 29 NB (English)
Lillian I Blake, daughter, 1/12 NB (English)

Moncton, Westmoreland
Robert C Blake, head, 46 NB (Scotch)
Sarah Blake, wife, 43 NB (Scotch)
Archibald Blake, son, 16 NB (Scotch)
Joseph  Crandall Blake, son, 14 NB (Scotch)
Samuel Blake, son, 9 NB (Scotch)
Jeneth Elene ONiel, ? 8 NB (Scotch)

Tom Blake, head, 50 Ireland
Bridget Blake, wife, 45 Ireland
Mary Blake, daughter, 15 Ireland
Ellen Blake, daughter, 12 Ireland
Bridget Blake, daughter, 9 Ireland

Woodstock, Carleton
Mercy Blake, head, 43 NB (English)
William Blake, son?, 15 NB (English)
George Blake, son?, 11 NB (English)
James Blake, son?, 9 NB (English)

Brook Ward, St John
Priscilla Blake, wife, 28 NB (English)
Henry Blake, head, 30 NB (English)
John Blake, son, 8 NB (English)
Elizabeth Blake, daughter, 6 NB (English)
Theadore Blake, son, 4 NB (English)

Andover, Victoria
Phebe Blake, head, 57 Ireland
Ann J Blake, daughter, 23 NB (Irish)
Phebe E Blake, daughter, 21 NB (Irish)
Mary Blake, daughter, 19 NB (Irish)

Kingsclear, York
William Blake, ?, 15 NB (Irish) (living with the Shapey family)
May Blake, ?, 13 NB (Irish) (living with the Shapey family)

Queen Ward, Saint John
John Blake, head, 70 Ireland
Bertha Blake, wife, 43 Scotland
Mary Blake, daughter, 9 NB (Irish)
John Blake, son, 7 NB (Irish)
Abraham Blake, son, 5 NB (Irish)

St Stephen, Charlotte
Richard Blake, head, 65 Ireland
Mary Blake, wife, 50 Ireland

Mary Blake,?, 50 Ireland (living with the Casey family)

Chatham, Northumberland
Richard Blake, head, 46 England
Ann Blake,  wife, 50 England

Fredericton Kings Ward, York
Henry Blake, ?, 55 NB (Irish) (living with Fisher family)

1881 Census of Canada, New Brunswick

Hopewell, Albert
Samuel Blake, head, 64 NB (English)
Rachel Blake, wife, 72 NB (English)
Sarah Blake, daughter, 32 NB (English)
James J Blake, son, 27 NB (English)

Annie E Blake, ?, 23 NB (English) (living with the Brown family)

Coverdale, Albert
William Blake, head, 30 NB (English)
Emma Blake, wife, 29 NB (German)
Watson Blake, son, 10 NB (English)
Maurice Blake, son, 8 NB (English)
George Blake, son, 6 NB (English)
John Blake, son, 3 NB (English)

Alnwick, Northumberland
John L Blake, head, 47 NB (Scotch)
Harriet Blake, wife, 28 NB (English)
William Blake, son, 10 NB (English)
Mary L Blake, daughter, 8 NB (Scotch)
Susan Blake, daughter, 6 NB (Scotch)
Elizabeth Blake, daughter, 4 NB (Scotch)
Henry Blake, son, 2 NB (Scotch)
John Blake, son, 7/12 NB (Scotch)
William Blake, father, 72 NB (Scotch)

Moncton, Westmoreland
R Charles Blake, head, 55 NB
Lora Blake, wife, 56 NB
Joseph Blake, son, 23 NB
Samuel Blake, son, 18 NB
Peninah Blake, daughter, 10 NB

Thomas Blake, head, 63 Ireland
Bridget Blake, wife, 60 Ireland
Bridget Blake, daughter, 20 NB (Irish)

Salisbury, Westmorland
William Blake, head, 27 USA (Scotch)
Anna Blake, wife, 26 NB (Scotch)
Laura Blake, daughter, 4/12 NB (Scotch)

Portland Ward 4, Saint John
Alexander J Blake, head, 53 NB (English)
Sophia E Blake, wife, 34 NB (Scotch)
Minnie Blake, daughter, 6 NB (English)
Esther Blake, daughter, 2 NB (English)
Hattie Blake, daughter, 4/12 NB (English)

George Blake, head, 31 NB (Irish)
Catherine A Blake, wife, 31 NB (Irish)
George Blake, son, 4 NB (Irish)

Edward Blake, head, 28 NB (Irish)
Catharine Blake, wife, 26 NB (Irish)

Margaret Blake, head, 70 Ireland

Woodstock, Carleton
Mercy Blake, head, 48
William T Blake, son, 24
George S Blake, son, 22
James W Blake, son, 21

Hillsborough, Albert
James Blake, head, 44 NB (English)
E. J. Blake, wife, 44 NB (English)
George Blake, son, 24 NB (English)
Samuel Blake, son, 21 NB (English)
A. A. Blake, daughter, 19 NB (English)
J. A. Blake, son, 18 NB (English)
L. J. Blake, daughter, 11 NB (English)
M. R. Blake, daughter, 9 NB (English)
J. O. Blake, son, 7 NB (English)
L. May Blake, daughter, 2 NB (English)

J M Blake, head, 40 NB (English)
Sarah J Blake, wife, 35 NB (English)
J. H. Blake, son, 10 NB (English)
A. M. Blake, daughter, 8 NB (English)
E. J. Blake, daughter, 6 NB (English)
B. M. Blake, daughter, 4 NB (English)
L. A. Blake, daughter, 2 NB (English)

Robert Blake, head, 33 NB (Irish)
Amanda Blake, wife, 38 NB (Irish)
Ina L Blake, daughter, 9 NB (Irish)
Philena Blake, daughter, 8 NB (Irish)
Minnie Blake, daughter, 3 NB (Irish)

Gilbert Milton, head, 46 NB (English)
Jane Milton, wife, 46 NB (English)
Eliza Blake, daughter, 24 NB (English)
Uriah Blake, son, 19 NB (English)
Sarah Blake, daughter, 17 NB (English)
Charles Blake, son, 14 NB (English)
Benjamin Blake, son, 12 NB (English)
George Milton, son, 4 NB (English)
Alice Milton, daughter, 3 NB (English)

Chatham, Northumberland
John Blake, head, 43 NB (Scotch)
Eleanor Blake, wife, 37 PEI (Irish)
John A Blake, son, 14 NB (Scotch)
Cecil James Blake, son, 2 NB (Scotch)
Lily Blake, daughter, 12 NB (Scotch)
Ida Blake, daughter, 8 NB (Scotch)
Eleanor Blake, daughter,5 NB (Scotch)
Hariet Blake, mother, 70 Scotland
Walter McAllister, ?, 87 Scotland

Mary Blake, head, 35 NB (Irish)
Maggie Blake, daughter, 8 NB (Irish)
Henrietta Blake, daughter, 6 NB (Irish)
Stanislaus  Blake, son, 3 NB (Irish)

Dudley Blake, head, 32 NB (Irish)
Annie Blake, wife, 28 NB (Scotch)
James F Blake, son, 2 NB (Irish)
Mary G Blake, daughter, 5 NB (Irish)

Richard Blake, head, 61 England
Ann Blake, wife, 68 England

Prince Ward, St John City
Jane Blake, ?, 30 NB (Irish) (living in the Gilbert household)

Kingsclear, York
Mary A Blake, ?, 23 NB (French) (living with the Chassy family)

Duke Ward, Saint John City
Lydia Blake, head, 75  USA (African)
Wilson Blake, ?, 15 NB, African

Addington, Restigouche
Alfred J Blake, head, 31 Jersey
Catharine Blake, wife, 33 Quebec
Catharine Blake, daughter, 6 NB (Jersey)
Eva Blake, daughter, 4 NB (Jersey)
Louisa Blake, daughter, 2 NB (Jersey)

St Stephen, Charlotte
Richard Blake, head, 76 Ireland
Mary Blake, wife, 60, Ireland

Andover, Victoria
Pheobe Blake, ?, 75 Ireland (living with the Kennedy family)

Sussex, Kings
Bertha Blake, ?, 51 Scotland (living with the Hazen family)

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