Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fruit Chili Sauce

As the tomatoes ripen on the vines, the peppers enlarge and a few get a reddish glow, the peaches and pears ripen, the onions grow thick skins, the time arrives to make fruit chili sauce. It takes about two to three hours to cut everything up and then another three hours to let it simmer away in its own juices plus vinegar, sugar and spices. Bottling is quick in modern jars with metal lids and another great food additive is set aside for the long cold winter days that are coming. The dog days of summer, the coming of the end of August are upon us and so the garden drags me away from my transcription once again but this time to prepare the delights that accompany baked potatoes and baked beans and roast beef and roast pork and the list is endless for items on which to put our fruit chili sauce. We have been making fruit chili sauce for 48 years and each year I always think it is the best sauce ever!

A couple of days with no transcriptions lie ahead as the mound of household work is climbing ever higher!

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